A thought for Monday…


Faith – Isn’t it comforting to know that somehow, someone is always in control of what lies ahead for us each day ~ that things work out exactly the way they are supposed to work out.  Faith does not always lead us where we want to be, but always where we are supposed to be.

Faith is having the courage to let God have the control.






I’m Drinking Champagne

“I always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes, the special occasion is having a bottle of champagne in the fridge.” -Hester Browne


Over the weekend I discovered a fun little fact.  There is a restaurant in London named Bob Bob Ricard.  It sits in a great part of the city.  It’s beautifully decorated in decadent golden and red booths and dim lighting.  It’s private and elegant and quiet.  But the best part of all?  It has a “Push for Champagne” button at every single table.  Brilliant!  *Oh, pip pip cheerio and all that sort of rot.*   Our English neighbors are so posh and proper.  And, Brilliant!!  What a great spot for a girl’s getaway.  Or, a bubbly rendezvous with the Hubs.  This fabulous restaurant has made its way to my bucket list.

I Love Champagne!  It’s so, so…oh, I don’t know..so, Rita Hayworth.  Or, Lauren Bacall.  It’s so old, glam, Hollywood.  If I’m sitting at a table in a posh restaurant and suddenly find myself parched and in need of some bubbly, what better way to get it than to quietly slide my manicured hand across the tabletop and discreetly push a button.  Wallah!  A properly dressed waiter quietly slips over to the table and my glass is discreetly refilled.  Happiness in a flute!

Champagne.  It represents universal celebration of life.  The sports world pours it over each others heads to celebrate championships.  Hollywood glam queens love to be seen sipping it.   Girlfriends celebrate sisterhood and friendship with it.  You can pour a splash of orange juice into it and it quickly becomes a favorite breakfast beverage.  You can hold it up in a toast to newlywed couples and new-born babies alike.  You can toss a strawberry into it and suddenly it becomes a swanky, la-di-da cocktail.

Champagne.  It’s universally Joyful.  Every time you pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly, it’s a celebration.  Of Life and love and the sharing of each others joy and accomplishments.

When was the last time you indulged?  It can be the perfect start to any week.  Just sayin’…..

Champagne!!  People sing about it!!