samantha stevens

bewitched-elizabeth-montgomeryAs the end of my two week medical leave from work nears, I think to myself, “that wasn’t so bad.  The time flew by.”  My days were at first spent sleeping and recovering.  As I gained my strength back little by little and started to feel like myself again, I started to actually enjoy my time off. I had forgotten how much I liked being home during the days doing housewifey things. It’s nice not being on a schedule and even nicer to sleep in a little.  Yes, I could get used to this kind of lifestyle!

As a young girl, I always thought the tv moms were super cool!  I wanted to be the Samantha Stevens of the neighborhood.  Her home was like a magazine layout.  Her husband had an awesome advertising job in the city and every night when he got home it was cocktail hour.  She had beautiful dresses and perfect hair and drove a convertible.   Her friends would drop over for coffee in the mornings.  Most of them would just let themselves in as if that was just the normal way that people interacted. (Who does that in real life?)  She always had a flurry of fun activities planned during the day that included lunches at fancy restaurants or outings in the city.  Yes!  This was the life I wanted!!

Recently, I’ve gotten a little taste of this.  I got to talk to my dear friend Mary the other morning.  This was a treat!  She is one of my closest friends.  She’s a tiny little thing filled with endless amounts of energy.  Her stories are the best!  She is animated and lively as she tells them.  Bruce and I love to vacation with her and her hubs!  We have been to both the East and West coasts with them.  The trips are always memorable and end way too quickly.  Even tho we both had busy days to get to, (well, I was suppose to be resting), we talked for hours, in our robes, and drank coffee while doing it.  After catching up on each others family’s and discussing the redecorating we were both in dire need of, we said our goodbyes and started our days.  It was close to noon by this time. Yes!  This was the life of Samantha Stevens!!  I can start my day whenever I want.   I am on no schedule.  I have nothing pressing to do. If I want to stay in my pj’s until noon, Im going to.  *nods*

I have picked up a few bad habits while I have been home these past two weeks.  Lauren, my beautiful daughter in law, has gotten me hooked on the Kardashians.  Bruce frowns upon this new guilty pleasure of mine.  He walked into the room one day while I was right in the middle of a Kardashian marathon and looked at me in disgusted disbelief.  “Are you actually watching this trash?”  I shhhush’d him without taking my eyes off the tv.   He walked away mumbling something and I continued to watch the show.  It’s like watching a train wreck.  You know you shouldn’t look but you can’t take your eyes off of it.  I have also started watching episodes of  Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.  I do this at night when there is nothing else on.  If I hear Bruce coming up the stairs, my heart starts to race and I flip the channel real quick.  I have gotten tricky while being at home recouping.  It feels a little sneaky and a tad bit rebellious.  I know that these habits will die as soon as I go back to work.  No harm no foul.  Right?

Other than staying in my pj’s until noon and picking up a few bad habits, my time at home has been pleasant.  I  made a new friend, Tuan, who is now helping me to redecorate my family room.  I stumbled upon this new,  awesome friendship while browsing the furniture stores and looking for new ideas for a front room facelift.  We started talking and before I knew it, I had a confirmed appointment with him for a home visit.  Wow.  How did that happen?   He came out on the day we had agreed upon.  I greeted him at the door and he flew in like a tornado and immediately started shaking things up.  This was exactly what I needed!  Someone who could make split second decisions.  This was very Samantha Stevens!!  I couldn’t help but get caught up in his flamboyant enthusiasm.   He informed me that while my room was lovely, it was very outdated and instead of just needing a couch, as was my original plan, I actually needed to replace everything.  Before I knew it, he had  overhauled the entire room.   He had an itemized list and tally of what everything was going to cost me and handed it to me as he breezed back out the door for his next appointment.   This overwhelmed me.  It was major sensory overload.   I just looked down at it in my hand and then back up at him.  I thanked him for coming.  We ended up only ordering the sofa.    It turns out that I am a creature of habit and my mode is a much slower pace.

Now I am nearing the end of my time at home.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy having the days to myself.  I am going to miss the freedom and  luxury of being able to do whatever I want all day long.  Whether I want to watch trash TV all day or spend it in my pj’s on the phone with friends, the choice is mine.  As much as I wanted to be like Samantha Stevens when I grew up, I think a lifestyle with a little more structure and routine is best for me.  I look forward to going back to work.  I miss my responsibilities there and miss my friends.  It will be good to be back in a routine.

Up until a few years ago, my major role in life was being a stay at home mom.  I consider myself fortunate to be part of a generation that was able to choose whether to stay home and run a household or to go to work and juggle both career and family.   I chose to be a stay at home mom.   The day my youngest son, Brian, moved away to college, I knew my life as I had known it up to this point was about to change.  I was ready for the change, though.  I was ready to get a part time job and to spend my time doing things I enjoyed.  I love cooking and photography ~ travel and writing.  I also love my job.  I count my blessings on a daily basis for being given the opportunity to explore all of these passions.  I do not take lightly, the fact that I have a comfortable and beautiful home.  I am grateful everyday for the gift of time spent with dear friends, my amazing hubby and my healthy family.

pet peeves

As I sit in the middle of my beautiful kitchen, perched up high on one of my gorgeous leather island stools, I can’t help but be abundantly grateful for all the blessings in my life.  I have a wonderful husband, Bruce, and three sons who I could not love any more than I do.  My oldest son, Bruce Robert,  is named after his father and is just a joy to be around.  He is married to Lauren, an amazing and wonderful young lady who is the kind of girl all mothers dream of having as a daughter in law. My younger two sons, Scott and Brian, make us very proud and are incredible  young men.

I look around me and I think to myself, yes, I have so much.  A beautiful home, a wonderful family and a job I love.  My eyes travel around the room and I say a silent prayer of thanks for all that I have been given. My eyes travel over the beautiful granite counters and past the high end appliances when suddenly they stop on my husband, who is standing at the end of the counter eating what looks to be the biggest ham sandwich I’ve ever seen.  I just sit there and stare at him, wondering how any human can take a bite that big out of a sandwich without choking.  As he conquers the monster bite, I notice he has a little mayonnaise on the corner of his mouth.

He heads for the snack cabinet and starts to rustle around for something crunchy to eat with his gargantuan sandwich.  Ut oh, I hear the crinkling of a loud foil bag and see him grabbing for the Frito’s.  This is a pet peeve of mine.  Pet peeves are funny and we all have them. They can be something as little and insignificant as the way someone taps their fingers annoyingly on a table or as big as your tax bill increase each year.

Mine happens to be loud, noisy chewing.  It would be easy to just ignore my husbands superhuman ability to crunch at decibels that seem impossible to achieve, but the harder I try to focus on something else, the louder it becomes.   I become completely and solely in tuned to the noise.

“Margaret, I’m going to have some chips.”    That’s my cue to either move to the adjoining room and turn the volume of our theater size television up full blast, or to remove myself from the situation for the sake of harmony by going to the furthest corner of our house in the opposite direction of the kitchen.  This is the course I usually take.  As I sit in my room, which is on the 2nd floor, I wonder to myself how in the world I  can possibly still be hearing him.  Is this some kind of bad karma or latent punishment?  Was I a loud chewer in a previous life?

Two flights down I can still hear the freakishly loud chewing going on.  “chomp chomp chomp”  I start to question myself.  Am I being obsessive about something so trivial?  Am I a loud chewer and don’t realize it?  I wonder if other people can hear me chew a salad?  No!  I  chew with my mouth closed,  and I tend to do it quietly. Hmmph!  Why can’t men chew quietly like women do?

As I sit upstairs working so hard to ignore the thunderous chewing of food that’s drifting into my room,  I notice that the loud crunching starts to slow down and eventually comes to a stop. I can feel my irritation start to lift.  I start to look around my lovely bedroom.  I notice the beautiful bedspread and coordinating drapes.  I look adoringly at the two matching chairs that sit in front of the big window and think of how nice it is to sit there and look outside at my neighborhood.   And Just like that, my pet peeve goes back into hiding and I start to feel generously blessed again.  I have such a good life and have been given so much.  I have been especially blessed with an amazing husband who is giving and thoughtful and loving.  Yes, pet peeves are odd.