NYC or Bust



New York City!!  Planning a long weekend to NYC is no easy task.  Add to that the fact that you are heading off on this shindig with your sister and the task becomes an event.

I’ve always recognized the fact that the time leading up to a long weekend getaway or vacation is often just as exciting, if not more, than the actual vacation itself.  The spark is set off when the idea is first discussed ~ which is usually over cocktails or while already in the midst of a vacation!! WHOOOP!!!

I approached my sister with the idea of a weekend away in NYC.  It was long overdue.  We had never gone away together before.  Shame on us!!  We were in our 50’s.  Was this something that we seriously had never scratched off of our bucket list??  Time restraints, hectic schedules and of course, our kids, had always prevented us from just picking up and taking off for the weekend.  Well that was about to change.  NYC, here we come!!

two months before trip…..

Me:  What do you think about a trip to NYC?

Nancy:  When?

Me:  Soon, before summer and craziness.

Nancy:  I’m in!


Well,  that almost seemed too easy.   After many phone-calls back and forth and daily emails, we finally found ONE weekend that worked.  One weekend in the entire summer!  The dates were set.  We would go for a long weekend, Thurs – Sun.  And So, the excitement began.

6 weeks before trip….


Me:  How do you feel about an early flight?

Nancy:  How early?

Me:  6am. That way we don’t lose the entire first day

Nancy:  I’m In!!


Alrighty then!!!  Flight booked.

Next up – Hotel accommodations.  Before I was married, I would stay in any old flea bag motel.  The Red Roof in on the corner was fine with me.  No room service?…No problem!  Carry my own luggage to my room?  No biggie!

Then I got married.  Clark had a different take on hotels than I did.  He liked top end accommodations. And so, I discovered Luxury Hotels. How did I ever travel before without those cushy robes and matching slippers?  The valets, the concierge service, the large marble bathrooms &  tubs.. (Thanks Clark!!)  And a Hotel Snob was born!!


Me:  Nancy, hotels are a bit pricey in NYC.

Nancy:  That’s fine. You’re the cruise director!!  Make all the plans and consider me along for the ride.


This was too good to be true!  She was, like, the best travel partner ever!!  And so, the hotel was booked.  A beautiful spot one block from the West entrance to Central Park. We were in the middle of the action!

We started planning our days out.  Since Nancy had never been to NYC before, the list of things to do were endless.  Even to seasoned travelers who had been to this huge, bustling city many times, there were endless possibilities of things to do and see.  I planned to take her to see all the usual touristy spots – Top of the Rock, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Little Italy, SoHo, Chelsea, The Dakota, Washington Park, Wall Stree.

We bought tickets for the theater – two plays!  We had a day planned to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge (Just like Miranda & Steve did in Sex in the City!!) We bought tickets for the 9-11 Memorial which was opening to the public the week we planned on being there – Oh What great timing!!!

But wait.  We had too much to do and so little time.  I didn’t even know if we HAD enough time to do everything on our list.  I looked over our list of activities and decided there was not one single item I could delete.  Soooooo…..


Me:  Nancy, what do you think about going an extra few days?

Nancy:  Will we be able to change our plane reservations and get the extra days in the hotel?

Me:  Surrreee, why not??!!  (fingers crossed)

Nancy:  OK, I’m in!  But I won’t tell my hubby just yet,  I’ll spring it on him later.

Me:  Good thinking! (I would follow suit!!)

Nancy:  Oh, by the way…I went shopping on my lunch today and bought an outfit to wear on the plane!!  SO EXCITED!!

Me: O0Oh!!  Maybe I need a new outfit, too!!


And so, we tweaked our hotel and air reservations and the excitement began to build even more.  Our weekend away, that started off as two days, was now almost a full week!!  WHOOOP!!

The emails began to come at a rapid rate.  There was not a day that went by where we did not talk to each other or email at least 1000 times.  OK, I exaggerate.  But it was a lot!!  And the content of the emails changed.  We were now talking about the shopping we were doing in preparation for our trip.  And Nancy had started to add cute little clip art pictures to her emails.  It was all getting very fancy!!  It was all so exciting!

What had happened to me so many times before, was happening again.  I was in the pre-vaca mode. The mode where you are giddy!!  And all a flutter.  And almost more excited than when you are actually ON the vaca!!  It’s one of the highlights of going away.  Planning and looking forward to and discussing…every.last.detail.

I looked forward to waking up to Nancy’s emails every morning.  They were very lighthearted and made me chuckle.

 3 weeks before trip…

Nancy: Hellllooooooo – I went shopping (power shopping) on my lunch hour today. Went over to Sears because Hubby buys occasionally from there for auto stuff and small yard / tools etc.  When he buys we get “shop your way rewards” points.
We had enough points built up (he doesn’t know it, he never sees the emails) so I thought I needed a new, smaller wallet for N.Y. adventure. I got a new wallet for FREE.


two weeks before trip…

Nancy:  My list of what I am packing is attached. I looked online to see about baggage sizes. Carry on’s 22” x 17” x 9” plus one free which could fit under seat in front of you.  So I will be taking one carry-on plus one tote (it will look nice) of some sort.

one week later….

Nancy:  Went shopping on my lunch.  My old luggage just won’t work.  Bought new, larger suitcase.  Also bought new tote.  SO EXCITED!! CAN’T WAIT!!

Ten days before our trip….

Nancy:  GETTING SO EXCITED!!!  I was going through my closet last night and definitely need to back pedal on my list of items I want to take……I would need an entire trunk if I took all I wanted to take.  I do like the idea of maxi dresses with sweater or shrug to wear to plays.  Think I will go shopping!!

Nancy:  I have bought so many things that I have not shown to Hubby yet.  Will need to sneak them to your house.

One week before trip….


Nancy:  I am SOO excited…..I cannot wait.  I went shopping again yesterday.  I cleaned out dresser drawer yesterday and now have it filled with stuff I bought to take.  I have also started to put outfits together….I have enough to stay away for three weeks.  OH, I think I am rambling. …talk to you soon.

1/2 hour later…

Nancy:  Forgot to tell you earlier…….I also bought another pair of shoes yesterday.  I think I will need a trunk for our short vacation.


7 days before trip….


Nancy:  Ohhh, I’m SO EXCITED!!!  ok, For Cash – I am planning on bringing 20’s only and not 50’s. Already thought about trying to spend too large of bills. (OH, I might have to buy a thicker wallet) I will have my credit card with me. And there is always a Chase Bank near by if I need to stop and get more $$$$$$$. Will bring extra for you “just in case”.

15 minutes later…

Nancy:  I will bring drivers license (duh!!) and I always have health I.D. and my State I.D. with me, but neither of them have pictures. Will I need I.D. with picture? Of course, I also have my AARP card… away age secrets.


Nancy:  I can hardly sleep anymore.  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!


A long overdue and exciting girls/sisters weekend week away  – To Be Continued…..


Happy Birthday Facebook!

social-media-likeThis week the country is celebrating Facebook’s 10th birthday.  In honor of this, everyone with an active Facebook account has been given a gift of their very own personal slideshow.  A Facebook movie!   It’s a composite look at your Facebook life, from the past 10 years, in 62 seconds.

What a brilliant marketing ploy!!  (not that they need it)  They’ve chosen the perfect instrumental music to accompany these award-winning clips.  Your heart will swell as you watch the short videos of your life from the past ten years flash before your eyes.  And they’ve created these for all 1.2 billion Facebook users worldwide.  Amazing!

That is, unless you are not an avid Facebook user.  Depending on how much time you have spent on FB and how much content you have posted and shared, you will either see the personalized video, a collection of photos or a simple thank-you card.  Wow, a card.  That’s kind of like winning the booby prize. Yikes!


Clark was a little miffed that he only got the photo composite rather than the video.  Oh, he spends just as much time on Facebook as I do, but he basically lurks rather than getting into the meat and potatoes of posting.  I think it’s a guy thing.

Myself?  I am well aware that I have spent wayyy too much time posting comments and sharing pictures.  But really, who hasn’t?  It’s the tech age, after all.  We get our news and up-to-date info sent directly to our electronic devices.  Or, immediately at the click of the mouse.  We can spend a few hours or so each day on Facebook and be caught up on what’s going on in the life of our friends.  Or, non-friends.

facebook-friendship-relationship-problems-friends-sympathy-ecards-someecardsSo, These uber awesome Facebook movies have provided us with just that kind of information.  I’ve had a ball spending the past few days looking at everyone’s clips.

Some of the movies that have flooded my news-feed…..

  • The Twenty-Something Friend – This person’s video is filled with shots at parties and large gatherings.  There are lots of selfies and they are constantly surrounded by a lot of other twenty-somethings.  They help me to remember how exhausting being twenty-something was.
  • The Thirty-Something Friend – These movies are filled with shots of young parents with growing families.  These 30-somethings have morphed from a group of selfie-obsessed friends into responsible young adults.  We see glimpses of their kids sporting events and family outings.  The friends in these vids look exhausted while the kiddos look as tho their energy never runs low.
  • The Forty-Something friend – They’re married, have had children and have purchased a home.  They’re in the midst of what is seemingly a successful career.  And we’ve witnessed it all through FB.
  • The Non-Friend – This person’s movie shows up on my news-feed and I have to wonder… who in the world is that?
  • The Acquaintance friend – I really never knew much about their personal life.  Until now.
  • The Adult-Friend – OK, these are the gold medal of videos. They cause me to choke up and get misty eyed.  They are filled with shots of family and friends and grand kids.  They tend to emphasize relationships and family.  Most have pics of loved ones who may no longer be with us.  I could watch these over and over again.  And cry each time.

Love it or not, these timeline look-back videos are here to stay.  They were created in the perfect Facebook time frame and set to the perfect instrumental music.  So sit back and enjoy.  I’ve had so much fun watching them the past few days.  I happen to fall into the MOM-Group.  We Moms were probably the first ones to call our kids after seeing our vids.  “It’s Great!!  I Love It!  You’ll love it, too!..” And our kids probably smiled and rolled their eyes and thought to themselves..  “Oh boyyy….” 

Congratulations Facebook on 10 accomplished years.  And here’s to information overload never slowing down!!