Self Care

After a solid few weeks of painting orders for everyone from my new Jan/Feb designs, I FINALLY have time this afternoon to take an online art class. 

Ive signed up for so many art classes the past 3-4 months knowing that January would afford me the time for myself. 

It’s so important to take the time you need for YOU.  Even in the middle of a pandemic where most of us are isolated at home much more than normal, we find excuses and tell ourselves we don’t have time to do a leisure activity or hobby. 

There IS time for you. Always. Make sure you carve it out on a weekly basis and do what you love. It will feed your soul and you will be better off for it. 

My biggest challenge today is to decide WHICH class to start.  Ive purchased and saved all of my favorites for the next few months – including a few from each of my favorite Instagram artists. — @reneedesigns, @mishwooderson, @jeanneoliver, @marygregorystudio @colehandmade  

Self Care 101: Make time for yourself.

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