Color Harmony

Creating Color Charts is often my first step when starting a new painting.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the creative process.  It’s a great exercise in your art journey.  These charts teach you how to mix colors to achieve your favorite pallets while enabling you to carry fewer colors in your paint inventory which is budget friendly.  

The beautiful thing about art and color is that there are endless hues you can create.  I tend to be drawn to moody colors; grays, greens earthy blues.  My charts consist of 2 oil colors and white to help with values.  This helps to create color harmony in your piece.

I took my first online color mixing class from Mary Beth Shaw who hosts a class named Golden Paints – Get Your Golden On and shows you everything you need to know to get started on your own charts.

I highly recommend this class if  you are interested in learning this technique yourself.  You will learn what supplies you need, how to draw charts and how to  mix just a few number of paints to create a huge number of hues. 

Id love to follow your journey so please tag me in any posts you make on IG with your own homemade color charts.  

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