Oil Painting Supplies for Beginners

 – What you will need when first starting off –

Oil Paints

Both of these brands are favorites of mine because of their buttery  consistency and superior ability to be used in a variety of ways.  They  mix and blend exceptionally well with all oil mediums and can be  manipulated in a wide range from Transparent Glazing to Impasto.  Their  advantage over Student Grade Oils is their high oil content minimum  fillers.

Brush Washer & Airtight Chemical Container 

I  Love this little airtight container for safely storing my Gamsol.  I  use it to dip my brush in when needing to thin my paint.  I also use it  at the end of my day as the first step in cleaning my oil brushes.

Paint Brushes 

Any brand will do.  I prefer Rosemary & Company  because of their superior quality.  With good care, they can last you a lifetime.

Paper Towels

To wipe wet paint from your brushes on when changing colors.  When Paper towel is done, store in a Ziplock bag filled with a bit of water.  Seal bag, Dispose of properly.

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