Everything Old is New Again

September 3, 2020|Art

Artistic Vintage Finds

Don’t throw the past away

You might need it some rainy day

Dreams can come true again

When everything old is new again.

So much truth in those lyrics from Peter Allen. 

There’s a melancholy sense of peacefulness and calm for many of us when thinking back on our roots and beginnings.   We came from simple times.  Before the electronic age took over our world and dominated our days and lifestyles.  It was a time before media and news stories were available at our fingertips.  

The “Olden” days.  When things were simple, days were long and filled with outdoor activity for kids.  Coming home after a long day of time with friends every night when you knew your father was home from work and your mom had dinner on the table.  These are now considered vintage ideals.  And, where there are vintage ideals, there are vintage goods. 

“Everything Old is New Again”

Apply that theory to art and for those who appreciate upcycling and vintage goods and the beauty of natural distressing and reconstructive erosion and the creative floodgates will open wide.  I Love Vintage.  And, farmhouse style.  

My art journey has taken me in a new direction in 2020.  What was once a concentration on hand painted journals and planners has now become the welcome addition of vintage,  upcycled and distressed artful goods.  

Most of my projects start with the hunt.  I hunt for objects that once held new life and were both purposeful and decorative centerpieces of our households and day to day life.  I browse garage sales and flea markets and look for discarded worn goods where I can still see the beauty.  They are beautiful to me.  The more knots, scrapes and dents they hold, the more interesting they become.

Obet Trouve‘ – a natural or discarded object found by chance and held to have aesthetic value

Recently, Cigar Boxes have been my jam.  Ive hunted and found them.  I see the possibilities in their time worn appearance and upcycle them and give them a second life.  Most already have natural distressing and scrapes.  I add oil paint or acrylic and pastel in broad strokes of florals and urban scenes from my childhood.  They morph into a new artistic object to be once again enjoyed and put to use.  They can serve a purpose or act as a decorative reminder of memories from a different day and time.

Vintage, Upcycled, Worn and reclaimed Artistic Goods
Vintage Upcycled and Hand Painted Cigar Box

Vintage and worn objects pull at my heart strings.  They bring me back to a day when things were simple and family was first.  They are filled with stories and they seem to have a soul.  And, I’ll continue the hunt on this new art journey of mine in hopes of bringing new purposes for vintage goods back to life.

“Everything Old is New Again”


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