Look, There’s a Cardinal



I’ve always loved the snow.  I’ve written about winter many times and by now you should have a pretty good idea that it is by far my favorite season of the year.  I’m not sure why it so gently pulls on my heart-strings but when I see the snow falling to the ground it always takes me back to a time long ago.  My childhood.

Growing up in South Bend, IN, there was always an abundance of snow from November through February.  Sometimes even into March.  The snow was always piled high everywhere you went.  It lined the streets and highways, which back then were mainly two-laned.  It covered bushes and tree branches and lined yards throughout our neighborhood.  Which in the winter would morph into a snowy blanket of soft white.  A true winter wonderland.

It’s the beginning of March.  March 3rd.  As I sit in my cozy, warm kitchen looking out through the ceiling to floor window lined walls that surround me, snow if gently falling to the ground.  It’s a very light snowfall.  A snowfall that movies are made of.  The ground is already blanketed and the grass is covered.  So, the snow falling now is the icing on the cake.

As I look out at it and write, something catches my attention out of the corner of my eye.  I turn to look at the tall evergreens that line the entire side of our yard and spot a bright red cardinal.  It spot’s my movement as I walk over to the glass door.  I stand there for a moment and look at it.  Soaking in its beauty.  It turns its head and from where I stand, it seems to be looking back at me.  paralyzed.  Both of  us are completely still.  We continue to spy each other for a few moments.  And then, just like that, it fly’s off.  I watch it as it quickly streaks through the sky.  Over the top of the neighboring homes.  Over the tops of the trees.  Into the sky.  And then just like that, it’s gone again.

It’s been said that when you see a cardinal, it’s a sign of someone you’ve loved and lost coming back to visit you.  Last month marked two years since I lost my beautiful mom.  Taken from us all so suddenly and too soon.  I’ve written about her Here  and Here.  And, she’s sprinkled all throughout my blog.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and miss her.  She was the reason I started to write.  Well, one of the reasons.  My dear friend Bonnie, who I wrote about Here – was the person who encouraged me to start writing.  But it was my mom who was my biggest cheerleader.   She would say to me, “Peggy, you need to write a book. I’ll be your publicist!”  And then we’d laugh about it together.  Over the phone.  If it was in the morning, we’d laugh together while on the phone and chat over a pot of coffee.  If it was in the evening, we’d spend our long distance time together over the phone, both with wine in hand.

She was such a treasure to me.  I realize that not everyone in this world is blessed to have a true friendship with their family, but I was given the special blessing of camaraderie with my Mom.  We had a very special bond.  I miss her deeply.

So, the red cardinal came to visit me today.  As we sat there, frozen in time, looking at one another, I could hear the distant voice in my heart of my mom speaking to me – “Peggy, here’s that beautiful snowfall you love so much.”



18 thoughts on “Look, There’s a Cardinal

  1. I so envy your relationship to your momma. I am blessed to have my momma who is 84 but looks like she is 15 years younger and acts like someone in their 20’s. She and my sister and I are just now building a “real” relationship with each other. And it is great and I am grateful that eventhough it has taken us this long to really connect, it is happening.
    What breaks my heart, tho, is my relationship with my only child, my daughter who until she got married, thought her dad and I were great. Now, eight years later, we barely speak and see less and less of our grandkids whom we adore.
    How do parents go from being great to being barely tolerated? We have not changed. And I see it happening in some of my friend’s families also and so many movies are made that showcase the adult children rarely seeing their parents.
    You were so blessed and your precious Momma was so blessed. What a testimony to your love that you miss her so much. Not all of us mommas will be, I’m afraid.

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  2. daniebautista

    Well, your mom was sure as hell right when she said that you should write a book. I’ll definitely read it if you do. I love you’re writing style, the way you put into words the way you see places and things. Very creative and rich. You’re capable of infusing the feeling of passion to your readers. ❤

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  3. I’m sure your mother would be immensely proud of you and it’s actually a fact that our closed ones are the ones who see our talent because they don’t see it with a selfish perspective, on the contrary they see it with pride!
    It’s really a passionate feeling that you project!

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