Pray For Paris

Pray for Paris

Who knew that when I woke up yesterday morning and created this print, that by end of the day it would be so fitting to the world events going on.

Keep Paris and everyone touched by this horrific tragedy in your thoughts and prayers. The world can be such a cold place.  We will always need each other.


12 thoughts on “Pray For Paris

      1. Sometimes I feel like I should pinch myself to see if I am really seeing all the terror being played out. I was going to say that my life has not been touched by war but that is not so. I lost a cousin in Vietnam and no one was untouched by 9/11. I could say I have never been touched by a World War but I feel it coming. Thanks for your inspiration. I love your pictures and posts.


    1. Thank you, Kathy. And, AMEN to your additions!!

      My thoughts are preoccupied with the devastation to the people in Paris. I can not imagine the horror that so many lived through not to mention those who lost their lives prematurely. Devastating


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