Is keeping it simple really better?


I’ve been revamping my blog since I started writing again after my summer hiatus. A tweak here. A small change there.  A new format.  A new look.

I have two blogs. One where I showcase my amateur photography skills. Another to write musings and to detail my observances on any given day.  I’ve been thinking about combining the two. In the long run it might be simpler.  One place for readers to visit instead of two.  Only one notification going out to email subscribers, not multiple. It might be simpler keeping up with my blog if I only had one domain to maintain.   Not to mention one yearly domain fee to pay.  The fee is just a small price to pay tho to have a creative outlet and space of my own for an entire year. And as Clark always says, why pay for one blog when you can pay for two – *sarcasm* – he says he thinks I seem to think there’s a money tree in the backyard. I say it’s not easy being married to a high maintenance woman.  That usually earns me a smile and shake of his head.

Ok. Full disclosure. In all honesty, I have three domains and three blogs. (Are you reading this, Clark?  Why would I pay for one blog when I can pay for three. *wink*)   My third blog is private at this time. I’m not ready for the big reveal yet. I can share with you tho that it’s content is the likes of which I have never seen yet on any blogging venue.  Anywhere. When the idea hit me, it was like winning the lottery! Or, hitting the jackpot! It’s a million dollar idea and I’m sure publishing houses everywhere are going to be clamoring on my doorstep to sign a book deal with me to have exclusive rights to my million dollar blog. Move over Human’s of New York – there’s a new kid in town. (Have I peeked your curiosity? Good. Sit tight and be patient.)

So, back to my original point. Is it easier to combine all areas of creativity and simply cram them into one combined blog? Or, Is it confusing to your audience if you combine different genre’s into one’s creative outlet just to save time and a few pennies? Is simpler really better?

Confucius said – “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

Leonardo da Vinci said – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Pete Seeger says – “Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.”

Well, darn it, I’m sophisticated. And, genius!  I’m able to scale things back and simplify just as well as the next Joe Schmoe.  I don’t need to ‘have it all.’  After all, isn’t it the simple things in life that reap the best rewards and make us happiest?

  • the first snowfall of winter
  • a warm meal
  • laughter with friends
  • a good book
  • holding the hand of someone you love
  •  a sunny day

Simplicity. I do believe it’s best when applied to certain situations and circumstances.  Like perhaps, a blog. It can’t hurt to try. Right?  So, for now, possibly temporary or possibly not, I will experiment and continue to tweak my blog.  This month concentrating on  consolidation and simplicity.  It may just work out well to scale back on the double domains (triple – if you count my super secret private blog!)  It will be like a grab bag for my readers.  When you get a notice of a new posting, you’ll not know what to expect until you follow the link.  It will be like a treasure hunt! And, who doesn’t love finding a treasure?

Simplicity – It does a body good.  Keep it simple, my friends


23 thoughts on “Is keeping it simple really better?

  1. SimpleLivingOver50

    I write about multiple topics on my blog and am happy with it. I have learned to separate different topics in different categories and how to create separate menu’s for each topic. It keeps things simple and as I am not a professional writer (yet) I find that my blog offers a little bit for everyone. One day if I ever do finish this book I started I will probably opt to have just one blog dedicated to the writings of the book, but for now one blog seems to work well for me.

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  2. I think it depends on the person, I do like a lifestyle blog, but if you actually really looked at it. I post about 5 things, mental health, politics, pets, my son and then on a very rare occassion random, and I am happy with keeping it all on one blog, but I think if I did something like photography, I might keep it sepearte incase I wanted to show case just that

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    1. That was my thought as well. It’s hard wearing several creative hats. Each has its own voice and personality and is lumping them all into one bag really wise? I sometimes feel Photography blogs deserve a spot of their own.

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      1. I think creative aspects do need their own space. I add photos but only in reference to the post, I am not particularly arty, but for me, if I follow a writing blog or a poetry blog, I find it confusing if other things are in their as well, although I think has someone else has said if you have pages for particular things that might make it easier

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  3. It’s a tricky one, but I would opt for the simplicity of combining your two blogs into one. IMHO, a blog needs to have a focus, but that focus is you as a creative mind – whether expressing yourself through photography or words. By the way, I would like to practice what I preach but admit I have two blogs: one for business purposes, very much focused on my corporate communication clients, and another on the lighter side life in France. Very different audiences!

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    1. Wise words. Thank You. Im still just testing it out. I feel as tho each blog does need a focus and my concern is different audiences may not want everything lumped into one venue. We shall see! Thank you for the comment.

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  4. Thinking something similar at my place. Adding video to what has always been an amateur photo website. Asking my visitors/regulars for an opinion on this. Best wishes for your remake.


  5. I have three blogs, one for each of my books and one for the blog. I’ve now combined the three as the most traffic comes from the blog. What I have done though is add a custom link which when clicked takes you to the second or third blog. It’s a recent change, not sure if it works yet

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    1. That’s how I’ve handled my blogs, as well. Three separate domains with links in my main blog which prompt you to each individual blog. I’m just not sure how many readers actually follow the links. I’m trying to widen my audience and bring awareness to those who may not even know I have more than just my main blog, ‘Being Margaret’


      1. you mention a good point. I don’t find the links bring a lot of traffic to them. I wonder if this is down to people viewing the blogs via the “reader”. By doing this you never have to visit the actual blog, unless you have that little option on to only show part of a blog and click to read more. Will be interested to hear how you get on 🙂

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