Happy New Year!



I wonder how many of us feel the sentiment of renewal with the changing of the seasons.  Speaking for myself, I know do.  The beginning of Fall feels more to me like the new year than January 1st does.

Why is that?  Why do we feel this sense of new beginnings as we say goodbye to Summer and roll out the welcome mat for Fall?  Is it the cooler air that greets us each morning that gives us a new sense of refreshed energy and commitment?  Is it that in the back of our minds we remember that this time of year was when we said farewell, for now, to the carefree days of summer and hello a new school year? A school year and special time of life that held the promise of reconnecting with old friends and scheduled routines and a hopeful, exciting future.

It seems that when I converse with people who live in an area that boasts the blessing of experiencing all four seasons to their fullest,  Autumn seems to be the favorite of so many.  For so many reasons…

“I Love Football!”

“I Love the changing of the colors!”

“The cooler tempts are a delightful welcome  and lovely change from the hot, humid tempts we just experienced”

“The kids are back in school so now I get a little *me* time to invest in things I Love to do”

“We travel in the Fall!”

“My Bible Study and programs start-up again!”

“The holiday season is just around the corner!”

“I finally can get back to the gym!”


Clark and I tend to travel in the Fall.  (He’s nicknamed ‘Clark” for that very reason; Clark Griswold..) It’s a popular time for traveling.  It used to be a well hidden secret that September and October were the best months to get away.  Now-a-days the secret has gotten out. While you can still get around without the  congestion of heavy traffic, more and more people these days have discovered the perks of fall travel and are choosing the autumn months as their time to explore the world around them.   The weather in September and October is still gorgeous.  On most days you experience warm days and cool nights.  The prices for air fare and lodging fall extensively making it very budget friendly.   The added bonus is that the crowds are finally gone.  Something that is a win/win to us!  So, we hit the road.

Travel, in and of itself, always gives me a sense of renewal. As does Autumn.  A new season.  A time to begin again.  A time to start over.  Happy New Year!

Is Fall your favorite season?  Why?  If not, what IS your favorite time of year?

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22 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I do not currently live in a place that has seasons as you describe it, but even seeing pictures of falling leaves brings up the feelings and memories I associate with the fall. I actually love all the seasons, but must admit, for most of the reasons you list, fall is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your feelings about fall and stirring up mine.

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  2. You’re very welcome! Regardless of whether or not you live in a year round warm or cold place, just closing your eyes and thinking about that changing seasons in your youth stirs up warm memories. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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  3. Even though we don’t have a real fall season, I love the first cold front. Having lived in the Texas Gulf Coast area all my life, I’m so sick of the sun. lol In December, we move to Colorado, yea! I cannot wait for seasons, especially the fall. I download every fall screensaver I can find even in the middle of spring or summer. When school starts, I can smell big fat pencils and see a cigar box, a bottle of white Elmer’s glue, kid-safe scissors, a wood ruler and a box of crayons. Most readers may ask “What are those things?” They are the things you carried to school on your first day when I was a child. Danny used to say, “They don’t need new colored pencils, we have a drawer full.” It was hard to explain the satisfaction I got when shopping for school supplies with our kids. That’s what fall means to me. Since those days are long-gone, I have substituted taking my grandchildren shopping for school clothes. Loved this post.

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    1. Yes!! How could I forget burning leaves. It’s one of my favorite memories growing up. I loved that smell and when on the rare occasion I smell it these days, it takes me right back to my childhood. 🙂


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  5. Fall is my favorite time of year as well, and for all of the reasons you say. I write at my dining room table and watch out the window as the leaves change, the buses drop off the kids, and the neighbors get their yards ready for fall. Soon the Halloween decorations will be coming out, and I’ll be preparing for my hundred trick-or-treaters. The sunlight has a special quality to it on a fall afternoon, and the sky is a different blue from any other time of year. Yes, I am happiest in the fall.

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  6. lucy

    I love the fall, colors, smells, cool nights and warm days but the best thing about the fall, is that I met you and some other wonderful ladies…9 years ago. I have lost contact with them but we are still in touch ❤

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  7. For some odd reason, I get very melancholy in the fall. It’s like experiencing a death of a loved one which is really weird since I hate summer! I hate, hate, hate heat and humidity and all the stinkin’ bugs (I live in northern MN in a rural area where the mosquito is our state bird!). I adore fall, the cool temps and the color change but it doesn’t last very long. The trees get gorgeous and then we get rain and wind and within two days all the leaves are gone and it is ugly, ugly, ugly until we get snow.

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    1. I do as well! It reminds me of my mom who I miss so much. She and I use to travel together I the fall. It just always feels like the time of year where I experience the deepest renewal. I LOVE fall. I also love winter. And snow. 🙂


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