Facebook – Do you overshare?


This week on Facebook, I ran across a post that made me chuckle to myself.  It was  a cleverly written piece of satire pointing out just how absurd we’ve all become with oversharing our lives on social-media.  (Satire – a genre of literature or writing in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals.)

I showed it to Clark.  He chuckled.  I showed it to my friends.  They chuckled.  I showed it to my kids and they chuckled.  In conversations all week, I mentioned it to my friends and acquaintances.  Everyone chuckled.  And, everyone commented similarly.  Well, that certainly isn’t me.  I don’t overshare on Facebook.  At least not to the point of  Ad Nauseum…….. (ad nau·se·am (ăd nô′zē-əm) adv. To a disgusting or ridiculous degree; to the point of nausea)

That same thought ran through my mind.  That certainly doesn’t apply to meeee…. Or, does it? (millisecond of doubt)….. Nah.  So what.  So my Facebook page is covered with massive amounts of selfies.   And, updates on what I’m doing & where you can find me most hours of most days.   Just because I’ve posted 52 photo’s of my dog in the past few months, all basically in the same position with the same look on his face, that doesn’t really mean I’ve share too much.  (He’s sooooo cute!)

  duncan collage

It’s not like I’m one of those overbearing new parents who lets us know the exact moment of conception or what the baby looks like in the womb.


And, thank the Lord above that I was never one of those people who shared TMI about bodily functions…


But in all fairness, I not only have the link to Facebook bookmarked on the front page of my PC,  but also on the first page of my smartphone – which is like the speed dial of the social media world!!   This gives me instant access to being *spring into action* ready to post something I find incredibly interesting.  Like, a picture of what’s sitting in front of me on my lunch plate.  Or, quoting some incredibly humorous comment that came out of one of my kids mouths.

This weekdislike, Facebook announced the unveiling of it’s new *thumbs down* dislike button.  I’m not really sure how I feel about this.  While it’s true that not every post on the social-media site always seems deserving of a virtual thumbs up, do we really want to make it easier to spread negativity online?  Don’t we do enough of that in real life?  Isn’t Social-Media the place we turn to when we want to share with everyone how absolutely (and a little unrealistically) fabulous our lives are?

What will mom’s everywhere do when they find a big ‘ol thumbs down on the posted picture of Jr.   Or, when someone gives us a thumbs down on the photo of the tuna fish sammie on our plate.  What if someone decides to tell me that they DON”T think my dog is deserving of the last 40 pictures I’ve posted of him.  (thank goodness for the *unfriend* button.)  It shall be interesting!

Until then, my Facebook page will remain discreet and humble.  Like always.  And I imagine yours will, too.


33 thoughts on “Facebook – Do you overshare?

  1. `I’m not an over sharer on FB and I get mighty miffed with folk who are. do I really need to know when somebody has had a coffee, eaten lunch and been to the loo? Nope, I do not 🙂


  2. Margaret, I enjoyed reading this post. I find it insightful as to human behavior and witty in making light of our peccadilloes without wielding the harder hammer of shame. One other thing though… I’ve long thought FB might serve itself – and its subscribers – well by adding some symbol for “Don’t Like.” For example, when someone posts that s/he has been in a car accident, I find/feel it insensitive to click “Like.” In another recent instance, friends experienced a more than difficult encounter with the police whilst on a summer vacation car drive. The point of that post, for me, was to speak to issues currently (sadly) re-enlivened in the world of time and space. I couldn’t click “Like.” All this said, thanks again for your post. I find you refreshing, alert and alive to life around you, and, thus, when I read your words, you raise a shade of my consciousness that I might see a bit farther than the limits of my viewpoint(s).

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  3. I overshare without FB. Danny and I made an agreement for neither of us to do FB. It was an agreement I have not regretted. i do miss out on keeping in touch and its weird when my kids keep in touch with my old friends and family members they have never met because of their ties to me but I don’t need any other place to overshare. My friends and family probably say “Thank God she doesn’t have FB.”


  4. This was so funny, I ran right over and shared it on Facebook!

    And, thank you for liking my poem Bingo Jingo. Please do come back often as I have, on this one site) about 300 other poems on a myriad of subjects for your reading pleasure.

    See you on Facebook!



  5. The Originals

    True that. Sometimes I just feel that if we spend more time with our family and friends than posting pics and status on FB , our life would be more happening. People though surrounded by other people in the flesh crave for the digital reality. The day is not far when communication in the same house will take place through social media.


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