Puppy Love!! ~ Eleven New Things I’ve Learned About Puppies


My routine has changed.  My once typical morning of coffee, working out and writing has recently morphed into a whirlwind of chaos and fly by the seat of your pants activities, chores and running around chasing a tail.  Literally, because I’ve got a new Puppy!!

Duncan, my lovable new sidekick, has permanently joined our family and there’s suddenly not a single shred of “routine or calm” in my day-to-day life.   And, I could not be happier or more in love with this adorable, blonde, big brown-eyed Puggle weighing in at eleven lbs and standing one foot tall.  Who doesn’t love a puppy?

I simply can’t.get.enough of him!  My cup runneth over!!  My heart is about to burst!!  Hooray!!!  I’m in puppy love!!!

Ohh, the big decision to adopt him was not something I arrived at lightly.  It’s something I’d been thinking about for a long time.  Something that my boys had been pleading for, well, for as long as I can remember.  Clark? – well, his mantra for the past few years since I really started getting serious about getting a dog has been….. “Have you lost your ever-lovin’ mind? NO, Absolutely not…we are not getting a dog!”

So I did what any red-blooded American, empty nester female would do.  I went out all by myself, searched high and low and not only found Duncan, but brought him home.  “Ohh honey, I’m home!!…..Surpriseeee!! 

I knew that the moment my Hubs saw the little guy skittishly romping and skidding across the kitchen floor towards him, that it would be love at first sight.  He’d agree that I was right all along about adding this new little bundle of joy to our family.  Annnnnd, it didn’t take Clark long to lose his heart forever to this perfect example of Man’s Best Friend.  It didn’t take long for this tiny, mischievous, energetic pup and my hubs to become best buds.

Is it ironic that my decision to take the plunge and adopt this feisty, fireball of fur coincided with my boys arriving at young adulthood and living basically on their own and out of the house??  (*ehem*…I use the phrase ‘out of the house’ lightly)  Nah, my friends and family all assure me that it is just my way of reacting to my mid-life crisis.  But *I* say… there’s simply no time like the present!!

So, in the past month or so my routine has not only done a total 360, but my world has been opened up to life with a puppy.  I’ve been diligently working to train and groom this sweet little canine into a well-disciplined member of the family.  Some days are simple.  Others, a great challenge.

Here are a few bridges we’ve crossed and things I’ve learned since his arrival into his new home and his permanent place into our family and our hearts…


What you learn when you live life with a puppy

thPuppies care about your health!!  They’ll go out of their way to get you up and outside with them.  Often!  The backdoor in now their personal scratching pad when they decide it’s time for you to get out and play with them.  If that does not get your attention, their high-pitched squeak/bark will get your attention.  Arrffff Arrrffff..

th They don’t judge.  They aren’t particular about what outfit you happen to hastily toss on when you notice they’ve squeezed through the backyard fence.  They also don’t make judgements about what your hair looks like or that you’re in your bathrobe while chasing them down the block when they decide to take off after a midnight potty break.

thThey love to play games…like Hide and Seek.  They pick the object and hide it somewhere you’d never think of looking for it.   And you get to go seek it.  FUN!

thYou’ll quickly get used to being mistaken for a human pin cushion.  They use your arms and legs for teething.  If you’re not stern enough, they’ll also use the legs of your funiture.  Thank Goodness for the distressed wood fad that’s been in fashion in recent years.  Let’s hope it’s here to stay for a while……

thPet insurance – their premiums may be higher than yours.  This so-called “safeguard” is an evil necessity because let’s face it, who wants to get stuck with a $2000 vet bill for Physical therapy, thyroid conditions or God forbid, therapy sessions when they’re feeling blue.   Right?

thPuppies help you hone your time management skills.  Want to run your usual day long errands?  Not so fast, mister…  You learn quickly to do 5 hours of activities and errands, in a zippy hour and twenty-two minutes.  These these short hourly increments of free time are what you’re now allotted ~ at least while your sweet pooch learns the fine art of potty training.

thThey’re like babies.  Suddenly you’re talking about poop and pee again, a lot.  They make you feel absurdly proud.  When you’re in public and see total strangers looking and smiling at your puppy, it’s hard not to smile and feel a sense of pride, which is somewhat ridiculous because you aren’t responsible for the existence of this creature, you paid too much money for it, in fact.

thPuppy Proofing is essential.  Puppies try to kill themselves everyday, all day, and in creative ways.  Like… by chewing through electrical chords and eating scissors.  Anything dropped on the floor is fair game if you can’t quickly lunge for it before they get to it.

thPuppies increase the need for vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and tidying, in general.  You’re house has never looked so clean!  You’ve never been more organized as when you have a puppy around.  Mainly out of necessity.  Get it done now or don’t get it done!

thThe universe revolves around puppies. Suddenly you become dog-centric against your will. Your puppy is the topic of every conversation, and when it isn’t you find ways to steer the conversation back to your puppy.

thPuppies disrupt sleep; Suddenly, we’re drawing straws on Saturday morning about who gets up with the puppy. Suddenly, you’re drawing straws each night about who takes puppy to the bathroom at midnight. I’ve caught myself feigning sleep in the wee hours, hoping my husband will jump at that task.

Ok, that being said – The trials and tribulations of training a young puppy will never measure up to the love you’ll have for your dog, or the love he brings you.  You’ll never have a better or more loyal friend than this amazing, wonderful creature.  They eagerly greet you, tail wagging and rump squirming, when you walk through the door at the end of a hard day.  They’re ALWAYS happy to see you.  Their affection towards you is the definition of unconditional love.  They are the only thing on earth than loves you more than they love themself.  He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.  You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.


“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”


56 thoughts on “Puppy Love!! ~ Eleven New Things I’ve Learned About Puppies

  1. Congratulations and good luck!

    Since my cat died last year, I’ve been pet-free after 40 years or so and loving it.

    I love animals. In fact I’m a vegetarian, partially because I love animals so. Yet, being pet-free means a loss of certain types of freedoms, that you cannot have when you have them.

    So best wishes, for your new buddy and yourselves. Cheers Jamie.

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    1. Thank You!! So far so good.

      This is my first time with a dog since I’ve been married, which is going on 30 years now. I am just having the best time with Duncan. It was the perfect time for us to get a puppy.

      Thank you for the well wishes, Jamie. 🙂

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  2. Have fun! I spent a week at my sister’s house between Christmas and New Year’s Day. She had just taken on an eight week old puppy, in addition to her other two dogs. Puppies are present tense focused. They do everything NOW! And everything they do, they do it 100% full on. What lessons we could learn….


  3. Patti Kraai

    Puppy love is great love!!! Loved reading about Duncan … brought back so many memories. I remember wrapping our first puppy in a blanket and holding her in the middle of the night because she was whimpering and shaking!! xo


    1. Yes!!.. and that is exactly how Duncan felt the past few days with all the storms. I was MORE than willing and happy to hold him through the storms. What a wonderful blessing puppies are!! 🙂


  4. Jana

    love this! I can relate to all of it… We are 1 1/2 years into our new puppy and he is soooo much better than our previous dog (rip). I am his lobster… I know my husband loves me but he doesn’t have nearly enough time to shower me with attention and love like my Spencer does. Spencer’s sure rises and sets with me:). Life is so good when you are your puppy’s main squeeze! I can’t wait to meet Duncan – he is adorable!


    1. I can’t wait for you to meet him, Jana!!! It’s my first dog since I have been married. I am totally in love with him!! I can totally relate to the attention…. he just always is there wagging his tail. 🙂 Love.Him!


  5. Genny Gibbs-Benesh

    There’s absolutely nothing better in this world than a puppy. And your new little Duncan is just darling. He will be your new BFF for sure.


  6. Ohmigosh, Duncan is sooooooo adorable! I want to pinch his little puppy cheeks and ask him “who’s a good boy?” You made the right choice, congratulations on your new little bundle of fur and love.


  7. Fillingtheemptynestdotcom.wordpress.com

    What a adorable pup !!!! I always say that when all my kids are out of the house…a puppy will be coming in the house….Enjoy !!!


    1. we all need your kindness for animals, just saw so many bad news about animals being treated so badly lately, I am truly appreciate people like you, rescue them, and give them home ❤


  8. This is wonderful! And so true lol! About 3 months ago my partner and I got a beautiful chocolate Frenchie – a breed she’s been in love with forever – and our lives have changed dramatically haha. My partner is a huge dog lover – me not so much (deathly fear from childhood trauma) but this little girl has stolen my heart! What you say is soo true lol. It is like having a baby all over again! Unfortunately, we found out recently that Tikka has a severe heart condition and won’t be with us much longer. We knew she had some neurological issues, and the breeder gave her to us free because she wanted Tikka to have a loving home – which she most certainly does! however none of us could have forseen this turn of events. It’s so unfair because in EVERY way she is a normal, playful, mischievous little stinker lol. But we’ve seen her rapid decline and know our time with her is coming to an end. But until then, it’s spoil love spoil love love spoil and we’ve decided her last meal will be a bit of juicy tenderloin! She is a true gift and will be sorely missed. But we wouldn’t trade a day with her for anything! Enjoy Duncan and all you bring to each other’s lives and congrats on discovering puppy love! It’s beautiful 😉 Oohhh and thanks for stopping by blog as well lol. Love yours to bits! Yoga ROCKS so good for you lol. In love and light, Namaste


  9. What a wonderful Story…Congratulations and many happy years with that adorable little guy. I have to tell you about my neighbor who did that about 5 years ago to her husband. It was Christmas time and she brought him home and well it didn’t go over well at first but the husband eventually fell for him too (despite his bravado) well about a year ago with the husband’s blessings they adopted another dog and its going pretty well.

    I have been experiencing life with two kittens. I got them at Christmas time myself. They bring me joy but its been an interesting few months now…


  10. Anonymous




  11. Enjoy your new puppy. I smiled my way through your post and then shared it with my daughter and her family who got a new puppy for Christmas after similar lengthy deliberation.


  12. I saw you poke your head in on Dog and Ma’s blog and so we wanted to poke our heads in and see what was going on here and to our beloved surprise, our Hoomins have been so good to some puppy luvin. Seems like everything fell into place for you and your new fur-ever home just as it did for my Ma. I hope we get to see more of each other and truly hope that your training goes well (cuz nothing is better than a puppy who loves to please!)

    ~Katana, the Cane Corso


  13. Reblogged this on The Dog and Ma's Karma and commented:
    Being Margaret had popped her head in and saw our post about the lovely little Kaly who is being returned home to Canada by a beautiful young Hooman female that fell in love with her and has had an overwhelming support of those that the story touched. We poked our heads into her blog and saw her new lovely Fur-baby, a Puggle named Duncan (Good Irish name by the way but my red-headed momma is a bit biased)… We wish you and Duncan all the best in the new home and hope it is as fun as we have found our lives of activity and love!


  14. Sandra's Blog

    This reminds me of a puppy we once adopted. He would get into everything, especially when we were gone.You are correct, their teeth are so sharp. They will chew up everything, even your bra if it’s low enough to the ground.

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  15. When they`re young they have unbridled energy but they do calm down with a bit of training. We have made friends with some unusual animals, some of them wild. we have had Dogs, Cats feral, birds wild and a pig named Alice who was left to fend for herself. She used to walk through the bush with me and was very protective, she loved to be brushed twice a day and would lift her legs so I could brush underneath. She came up on the stoop at meal times and rattle the gate.


  16. Love your stories our dogs g ve us yoy for over 45 years. Our pictures help us remember them. I now have a cat, a Bengal who has beenwith us for 13 years. He travel with us in our motorhome f or 6 years. Our German Shorthairs travel with us until they went to the Rainbow Bridge. I love your puppy. He is cute. Kato nust woke up and probably wants food.


  17. Tracy D.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I really love this post. And can totally relate to feigning sleep, hoping my husband will make the middle of the night pottie trip!! 🙂


  18. I see we are in the same stage of life, but no puppy for me–see your comment on housekeeping. I’ll just have to live that particular joy vicariously through you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m so happy to find you.


  19. Great post! I agree with every word of it. And what an adorable new pup! (I know you wrote this a year ago). Glad I’ve found your blog. It’s perfect. Do you mind if i use the quote “The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog” for an upcoming puppy blog I’ve been working on? I can direct link it to your blog.


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