Do you remember your dreams?



I had my recurring dream last night.

I’ve been having the same one for years.  I’m back in school again.  Sometimes it’s high school.  Sometimes it college.  It’s always in some bizarre setting and never with the same group of people.  Sometimes it’s with current friends and acquaintances.  Other times I’m with people from my past.  Sometimes it’s with old co-workers or neighbors or friends from church.  The only common thread running through the dream is that I am back at school again.  That thought in itself is a nightmare.

The actual building I am in is always very big and it never looks familiar to me.  (Perhaps because I’m no spring chicken anymore and bordering on senile – which I totally blame on raising three *enthusiastic* boys.)  I’m ALWAYS lost in the facility and looking for my locker.  As I wander the long, winding halls – which never seem to make any architectural senseI am concentrating on trying to remember the combination to my locker.  I never can remember it.  (Again, that senility issue.)  I also can never remember the last time I was in class or where the classrooms are.  And, usually it takes place towards the end of the school year and everyone is going to graduate except for me.  I will be left behind in school for one more year – not knowing anyone who will be held back with me ~ worrying about who I will be living with.

Then I wake up – relieved that I am, in fact, out of school and have been for years.  A big, big relief

I have wondered often why this is the dream that visits me so regularly.  As if it is a beloved movie or television series that is replayed over and over again on the big 64′ Samsung Flat-Screen TV in my mind.

After finally becoming curious enough, I started to dig around for answers and what I found was not anything unsettling or mysterious.  It was nothing that pointed to deep underlying issues in my life that were trying to surface through my subconsciousness at nighttime when I slept. What I found was the total opposite.  Recurring dreams are common amongst us.  So common in fact, that we all seem to be having the same ones.  Over and over again.

Now, I have always tended to chalk these dreams up to hectic periods in my life.  Like for instance, the Holidays.  Let’s face it, not many of us have a Normal Rockwell experience.  Is it a coincidence that I had my *school* dream last night in the midst of Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mayhem?  (Oh the pressure!)!  After weeks of preparing for Thanksgiving and trying to stage the perfect holiday gathering, I go to sleep at night with my wheels in full gear and when my body finally falls into slumber from the pure the exhaustion of the day, the wheels just keep on spinning.  Yep, no surprise there that my dream would invade my thoughts on that night!

OK, so that is my spin on dreams, but here are the “experts” spin.  (I use the term ‘experts’ loosely)



Top Ten Most Common Recurring Dreams


10. Trapped – You might have this dream when you are having conflict in deciding how to react in a situation in real life.  Or when you are feeling trappedthe pressure of mountains of debt in your life.  This dream usually means that you are trapped in real life – unable to make the right choice.

I experience this when grocery shopping.  I know I should opt for the Fat Free Frozen Yogurt but reach for the Edy’s Grand full fat Ice cream instead.  Totally worth losing a night of sleep feeling trapped!!  Yummy!



9. Public Exposure – The meaning of this dream could be that you are feeling exposed, awkward, or vulnerable, or you are afraid that you have Nakedrevealed too much of yourself (such as a secret or a very personal feeling) in a real life situation. You are in a state of undress, partial undress, or inappropriate dress (for example wearing pajamas to work). This is often accompanied by feelings of embarrassment and shame, but occasionally with the feeling of pride or freedom.

I imagine this would be a dream that someone working from home in their jammies all day (possibly eating Edy’s Ice cream in the process) would experience.  No shame in that!


8. Wet Dreams  This could mean an emotional burden, professional or relationship worries, amongst others. The dream tends to cause panic (as drowning-300x400drowning would but it clearly demonstrates, especially when it becomes a reoccurrence, that there is an important issue in the dreamer’s waking life that is not being dealt with that threatens to overwhelm them.

Nope, not the good kind of wet dreams.  Bummer.



7. I Can Fly!! – Being able to fly is a common theme in recurring dreams. It is generally positive imagery and the dream of being able to fly usually fallingpoints to creativity, widening your horizons, and overcoming the odds.

OK, so flying in dreams is good just as flying in real life is good, which to me denotes heading on vacation.  Chalk one up for the flying dreams!


6. Going Nowhere or moving in slow motion – Moving in slow motion, trapped in quicksand, or being otherwise unable to move can clearly signify a runninginplacerut that has developed in the dreamer’s life, regardless of whether it’s personal, professional, or their long term goals. This can show that the dreamer is facing difficult obstacles and restrictions and basically getting nowhere.

If you have this dream and you’re not part of the OK-Go Treadmill Music Video then this dream interpretation probably applies to you.



 5. How’s your dental plan? – This dream possibly signifies the underlying feeling of decay and fear of losing control of a situation in yoteethur life.

I always thought it was my minds way of telling me to cut back on sweets and goodies.  Or possibly, it may be a subtle reminder to make that dentist appointment I’ve been putting off.  *shrug*




4. Excuse me, could you point me in the direction of the washroom – To dream that you are in search of washroom or in a public restroom with no stalls, signifies Bathroomcrop_20101012your frustrations about getting enough privacy.”  Apprently, paretns of toddlers tend to have this one a lot.  Not only do they never get to ‘go’ by themselves in public washrooms any more – my kids often provides a play-by-play commentary on my private activities to the rest of the lucky people in the room!

OK, I’ve never had this one.  I pride myself in the fact that I know where every single washroom in the city is.  I also pride myself in the fact that I know where the nice ones are – you know, like in the posh lounges and bars of the swanky hotels. Stick with me!  I know ’em all!

3. Where’s my Locker?  Where’s my classroom?  What?! ~ there’s a test today? – If you can’t get your locker open, can’t find your classroom or your unprepared1house; or, you’re late for something (a test, a train, a meeting) then you find yourself in this category (and in good company – this is a very common type of dream).  School, career, even a new home – these settings all represent change. If you feel unprepared for changes coming to your waking life, then prepare yourself for dreams furnished with impenetrable school lockers, locked doors, and labyrinthine buildings.

DING DING DING!!!  This is my beloved recurring dream!!!  Unorganized? Me?  Absolutely!  Im often scattered and a fly by the seat of my pants kid of gal.  Ask my friends!!  They’ll confirm this for you.  However, on the flip side, these are all signs of creativity as well.  Hence – my Blog  🙂


2. Geranimo!!!!! – Falling dreams are a sign that you are out of control.  The represent a feeling of fear of abandonment, especially feeling flying1abandoned by a ‘caretaker’ such as a partner, employer.

Thanks GOODNESS I don’t have this one.  I do not like that feeling of falling, not to mention the challenge it would be for anyone to be my caregiver.  I tend to be bossy.  Although I call it “taking charge.”


1. The Big Chase – This one could possibly mean that you are trying to get away from something; “you are running away from or trying to hide from Chasedsomething you need to face.”  It could be “a feeling you are avoiding, a conflict you don’t want to handle or a difficult memory you would rather forget.

I probably would have had this one when my kids were little but I just could not find a good hiding from them during the day.  They ALWAYS knew where I was. 




Have you ever had recurring dreams and if so, what could they be trying to tell you?



39 thoughts on “Do you remember your dreams?

    1. Since being a child I’ve had a recurring dream about the world ending through fire. In the dream it’s so surreal I’m trying to get my family together so we can all get to a lake we live near ready for the explosion, to survive it we need to be in the middle of the lake.
      This dream has recurred through out my life, I’m now 37. When new loved ones come into my life, I have the dream with them included in it too.
      I’ve found it hard to decipher this dream as most dream sites only give one word meaning. xx But I just know it stands for something..

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  1. Ncardoso

    I had these dreams for a while and, when I finally stopped and analyzed my life and what was going on, I realized there were lessons that I was refusing to learn. Once I gave in and learn what the lessons u was suppose to learn, I was able to move forward. So today, anytime I have a school related dream, I try to keep open eyes and mind to de-ja-vu events and repeated experiences I might be experiencing, and see what are the lessons hidden within. The dreams became a blessing instead…

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    1. I always try to take a step back and look at what’s going on in my life when I have my school dream. It’s usually during a very hectic period. Like the Holidays when I’m behind on everything and feeling pressure!

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  2. I have these dreams all the time, and I hate the school ones especially. There is always a test I haven’t studied for. We have no lockers in my country so i am not accustomed to having them in my school dream setting either, but if we did, I bet in these school dreams I would forget the combination for it aswell!

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  3. Ah, yes, #6, every now and then it happens; perhaps a reflection of the state I’m in at the time but not necessarily. Funny, I, too have a recurring school dream. In my case it’s a university course and it’s the end of the semester and it dawns on me that I haven’t been going to class or submitting the work and now it’s too late… As is the case with yours, waking brings such relief!

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    1. The school dream is the only recurring one I have, Maurice. Ive been having it literally for years. I think it’s so fascinating that people from all over the world have the exact same dream. How can that be? Don’t you find that fascinating?

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  4. I have the lost at school dream as well. In the dream I can’t find my class or I have forgotten to go or am completely unprepared to take a final. Interesting to me are the people in it-always different people but all people I feel a bit insecure around. You know, the semi-mean popular girl I was trying to be friends with in high school, or the really smart girl in college I could never measure up to, etc. I only have this dream like every 3 years and usually its when I am feeling insecure or worried about (bingo-it matches the definition) changes going on in my life. I hate that dream!

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    1. I’d love to know why people from all over the world have the exact same recurring dream. Out of all the millions of dreams and scenarios , why that one? So fascinating! And a little weird.


  5. For twenty-five years after I graduated from college, I had a dream about having to take a final in a class I had forgotten I had signed up to take. I’m not sure why it stopped. I don’t think I’m more organized over the last few years… 😉

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  6. I always thought dreams were life’s way of trying to make sense out of the chaos of our days. I do have a pad of paper and a pen near by bed … just in case I have a dream that will be a sure-fire best seller. 😉 Actually, they say if you don’t write them down when you first wake, then you’ll forget them … and I often do.

    The falling, flying and a variation of I forgot my locker are dreams I’ve had quite often. I, too, have been back at school and the folks around me come from many parts of my life. The panic ones are when I’m back at the radio station and I’m about to go on air with a newscast. But the cartridges (that had news audio on them), my news scripts, etc. are in another room just as the light goes on. Arrgghh!

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    1. Judy! I have always thought about putting a pen by my bed to jot down my dreams when I wake, but Im always too tired to actually go through with it. YOU inspire me to do this in the new year. Thank You!

      Happy New Year to you my WordPress Friend!! : ) Thank you for always making such thoughtful comments on my posts.

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  7. Great post, Margaret. Enjoyed reading the interpretations. I used to have the ‘late to school/end of semester and I forgot to go to the classes’ dream, but not so much anymore. I do have the ‘looking for the restroom’ dream a lot. I sometimes find a toilet, but there’s no privacy to use it. I always thought it was because my bladder was full and I needed to wake up to empty it. 😉 So, I guess it means I need more solitude – time to build that writer’s retreat cabin in the woods. 🙂

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    1. Eliza, I think it is SO very interesting that so many people from all over the world have the SAME dreams but in their own interpretations. Fascinating! I still have the school dream, but not as often as I once did. Im not sure what that says about me.

      Thank you for always posting such thoughtful and insightful comments on my blog. It has been a pleasure reading you and getting to know you a bit better this year. Happy New Year to You, My Friend!

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