Move over Hallmark, there’s a new card in town.

Have you noticed those funny little ecards that are all over social media sites?  You’d have to have been living in an isolated cave not to know exactly what I’m talking about.  They’re everywhere!

I started taking notice of them about a year or so ago.  But in truth, they came onto the scene in 2007 – (I googled it!!)  They have their own Facebook page with well over 1 million Likes.

They’re brilliant!  And witty!  And quite honestly – completely truthful and accurate.  They say in one line, what most of us try to stammer out in a long-winded, beating around the bush, run on sentence.

I like to email them to Clark sometimes.  They easily convey, what I can’t seem to get across to him.  Like this one….





There’s many advantages to sending eCards.  They’re free.  They’re delivered automatically to our electronic devices & received immediately with a few clicks of the mouse.  There’s no limit to the audience in which you can send them to.

The Weight Loss Friend

losing weight

 The BS’r


 The Selfie Abuser


The Grammar Nazi


 The Screener


 The Facebook Creeper


The Employer


The Fraud


The Gym Member


The Interupter


And finally – The Online Addict….


44 thoughts on “Move over Hallmark, there’s a new card in town.

  1. the online addict one cracked me up. I may have had that thought while wondering where people find all this time to do social media…I’m doing good just to blog! LOL Thanks for the laughs,
    Emily Grace


  2. With new technology and the birth of the internet age, it’s difficult to find anything that hasn’t been replaced by a new “digital” version. These cards are hilarious and always bring easy laughs. Thanks for sharing. Still appreciate getting physical hand written cards in the mail though 🙂


    1. Snail Mail! These days it’s mostly Bills & Junk Mail that I actually get delivered to me. When I actually do get a piece of personal mail, it makes my day. 🙂


  3. Although not a troglodyte, I hadn’t seen these before! (Social media, I hear you say. It’ll never catch on, you know). Anyhow, those are wonderful, succinct observations. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Ah, but you ARE on WordPress so you must be in-tuned to social media to some extent. it aws probably just a matter of time before you discovered these gems on your own 🙂


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  5. I wish they would sell these in a boxes set – – like little square postcards. I’d buy them and snail mail them! Love the ones you highlighted, especially the one about only having enough time to tell people how busy you are! I know so many people who ramble on about all they have to do. They could have done it all in the time it took them to tell me all that minutia! I just Came over to thank you for the recent follow and but now also to tell you that you have a delightful blog!!
    take care,


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