Goodbye Fliphone



Imagine my shock last week when my sweet sister emailed me to tell me that she had finally admitted that perhaps text’g is here to stay and that she went out and got a smart phone!!  Hurray – Goodbye Fliphone!!

Ok, truthfully, her Hubs gave her a brand new, shiny smart phone for her birthday.  Way to go Brother-In-Law!!  I was both excited to get her email telling me this Fab news – and also very confused at receiving an email rather than a catching wind of it through a text.  C’mon sis, get texting!! 

I thought back to when I first started texting.  It was awkward and slow.  It took some time for my colossal, mammoth fingers to get used to typing on the miniature keypad.  The only person I really had to text was my Hubs & Kids. Sorry, Fam!!  It took me some time to figure out my way around auto correct.  My texts were filled with typos (due to mammoth fingers) and I’m sure some people thought I had no idea how to spell or what I was even trying to say.







Ok, so I will give her a break because she is new to this.  Before she knows it, she will be all wrapped up in social media and ignoring the real world just like the rest of us.  Happy birthday, Sister!!




Pitfalls of Texting


1 – Texts can be easily ignored


2- Miscommunication


3- Rudeness in some circumstances


4- Used to avoid talking to People


5 – Can’t be sure who you’re talking to


6 – Could cause friction in friendships



What was your first experience with smart phones and the world of txt’g?


27 thoughts on “Goodbye Fliphone

  1. Ah! My pink Motorola Razr…brings back good memories! It must be sitting in the cell phone “graveyard” drawer…. i’m sure your sis will be on track soon. The learning curve on texting (ok on any technology) is steep and headache inducing! I recently tried to get a friend to use snapchat. …It was comical. her first question was “but what if I want to save the picture?” ha ha ha….Good post Margaret!


  2. Anonymous

    I’d offer “LOL,” but somehow it might not be believable after seeing Item 2 above….even if it is true. Will be sharing this with tween when she returns from summer camp. She is dragging both Mike and me into the texting age, one character at a time.


  3. Hi Margaret,
    Sorry but I don’t own a smartphone or want to won one so have no experiences to share. I did enjoy reading the little texting ecards though so thanks for sharing them here.


  4. smart phone owner - alias sis

    will leave a reply when I figure out how to from my shiny, new smart phone. But thanks sis for the blog and the reminder that I am old. Love you bunches.


  5. Cammal aka Brown Boy

    I used to love my Nokia phones until I was converted to an Iphone user years ago! Since then no turning back! There is so much you can do with smart phones! Anyway, over here (Malaysia) having a smart phone is a norm as such everybody has them. The only thing i hate doin on my phone is sending text message! the keypad is pretty small for my giant fingers! haha


  6. I like number 5 card. Even when the author of a text can be authenticated, it still doesn’t prove that the person has a soul, has a touch, has a heart, has a name. It’s been a long time since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and it was for voice. Why would we want to go backwards. Text does not sing, text when it loves is a mere ephemeral promise. Someone should say, “Come here my love, I miss you: your text gives me no perfume of you, no voice, no opera, and I miss your passion, and your playful games…there is no romp in your text, and I want to have words and song with you in person. Step away from the text and meet me now for wild passionate… you know…”

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    1. Ahhh, but Text’g is not really like taking a step backwards. It’s progress. You can instantly communicate with a person in a few short words without having to drag out a long conversation. There are times for long conversations…and times to send a msg asking “what time will you be home?”


  7. Genny Gibbs-Benesh

    My husband gave me a smart phone for my 50th birthday. He’s an IT guy and totally gets all of the techie stuff. I simply do not and I get very frustrated when it doesn’t come easily to me. Anyway, I accepted the gift with much trepidation. He even told me that I could “think about it” for a day or two. If I didn’t want it, he’d take it back and get me another gift. What a guy. Anyway, after much thought I did accept the gift and I have come to LOVE IT…especially the texting. I text with my husband, my daughter, my good friends. It’s such a great way to stay in touch. Also like having Google at my fingertips (just looked up “trepidation”). And…you never know when you’re gonna want to take a selfie! No turning back for me now.

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    1. YaY Genny!! It takes a bit to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you really do not know what you would do without your Smart Phone. They are SO convenient and practical. Im SO glad you kept that fun, thoughtful gift!!


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