Bon Appétit

Did you know that there is literally a different food or beverage honored on just about every day of the year?

Wait. What?

You may be asking yourself – Why does the U.S. need all of these National Food Days?  Who decided that on January 14th it was National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day?  Why on February 8th do we salute Peach Melba?  (Excuse me, but what is Peach Melba??)  I mean, sure, french fries deserve the accolades, but don’t pretend anyone’s actually dying to celebrate national raisins.

Today is National Dry Martini Day.  Hip Hip Hooray!!!  OK, not true,  Yesterday was martini day.  However, I have decided to celebrate yesterday’s day, today…well, because martini’s.


I know this fun (martini) food fact because I couldn’t sleep last night and was up at 2:30 a.m. browsing Google for some new cocktail recipes and stumbled upon this website – BoozeMenus which lead me to check that fact out on the AMERICAN FOOD HOLIDAYS site – and they said it was true.  This is good news because A) I like food holidays and B) I like martini’s.  Since the national food days calendar includes fun cocktails and interesting beverages, it’s a win – win!


After finally calming down from my initial joy in finding out that it was the day to celebrate the dry martini, I started skimming through the list of celebrated foods that have their own self appointed day.  I was surprised – no, shocked!! – to see the names of some of the odd selections that made the cut.  The list not only included celebrated foods, but also tossed in a few activities –

May 6 – No Diet Day (Love this one!!)


August 31 – Eat Outside Day.


A national holiday technically needs to be recognized by Congress, and though I hate to disappoint, I have to let you all know that these National Food Days are not officially recognized holidays. Shocking, I know.

If you could nominate one of your favorite foods to be celebrated nationally, which would it be?  Which will you be celebrating this year?  Confused by all the National Food Holidays that just seem to pop-up out of thin air? America makes sure each acclaimed food holds its rightful place on the calendar. Celebrate your favorite foods this year by using this handy guide!!  You’re Welcome!!

– American FoodHolidays –




28 thoughts on “Bon Appétit

  1. Ha! So when you cannot sleep, you Google cocktail recipes….I am so boring–I read. But I read magazines about food. Or cookbooks. Here’s to you, Margaret. I do like a good chocolate martini!


    1. Loisa – Every Friday, my hubby & I lure our 4 Twenty-Something kids over with a Cocktail & Hors d’oeuvre Hour (which lasts several hours). I serve a new cocktail each week & get hard pressed for new ideas. Hence: looking for the new cocktail recipe.

      Also – I LOVE a good chocolate Martini!! Cheers to June 19th! 🙂


  2. Big (meaning older) sis

    I truly believe I would thoroughly enjoy National Italian (any Italian food item) day. And surely it must be had in Little Italy, NYC! Any takers for a fun journey of partaking Italiano yummy tidbits would be more than welcome. But of course we must add Italian beverages!!!!


    1. I could not agree more, Big Sis!! I’ve celebrated all things Italian many times on Mulberry street in NYC (with you!!) as well as the North End in Boston. They are the two best things next to actually being in Italy. As far as Italian beverages? – There should without a doubt be a day dedicated to Limoncello & Espresso!

      PS – Our next sister’s trip… Italy?? 🙂


  3. pdlyons

    forever grateful for learning about national martini day! will put that on the calendar. now to drown the sorrow of having missed this years….


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