Sister’s FAB NYC Vaca!!!

We’reeee Backkkkkkk……



I was overwhelmed when I returned home from our FABULOUS SISTER’S NYC VACATION to find as many comments and posts to Twenty-Thirteen asking for details and a follow-up to our Super-Duper-Awesome get-away!!  Wow! Thanks, People!



I need to sort through all of the glorious, memorable details and collect my scattered, exhausted thoughts first.  As a teaser, I can tell you that there was an unfortunate incident that left me flattened (not to mention, embarrassed!!) atop of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Oh My!!  My sister looked on, mouth gaping open……

Well, you will just have to be patient.  Stay Tuned!!

There’s no place like home…  There’s no place like home…






10 thoughts on “Sister’s FAB NYC Vaca!!!

  1. vacationing sister

    mouth has finally closed… longer gaping open (actually was laughing my rear side off……..totally off.

    Stay tuned to Peg’s blog for all the hilarious details of that moment.


  2. Patti Kraai

    Wish I had known about this incident when we were chatting at the Jewel!!! Sorry we had to cut our visit short … will be waiting to hear all the details 🙂


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