26 thoughts on “Friday Feature

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    No matter your skill, the love comes across when you put your heart in to it. Every one is every bit a hero.

    We all want, cherish, and sometimes need to feel ourselves laugh, to have uncontrollable joy. I think one of the most indelible experiences we share with people beside hardship, is pure joy!


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    Each day can be a battle, each moment a struggle. God puts in our lives friends, loved ones and people that care. They charish the laughter we’ve shared, jokes, stories, dinners, shopping trips, etc. Here is a perfect example of Love and Joy in action. If you Love someone, you show it. If you enjoy someone’s company you share joy with them.


  4. Sweet as a Picture

    This was heartwarming to watch! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Have a fun and safe trip. I know you have plans and will be busy, but if you’d like and if you have time, feel free to contact me.


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