You told Jimmy Kimmel, what?

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Moms, ‘What’s the Most Shocking Thing Your Kids Don’t Know About You?’

Happy Mother’s Day!!

In honor of Mother’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel hit the streets of Los Angeles to ask moms, “Whats the most shocking thing your kids don’t know about you?” Some of the answers range from boring, to “what the…” to just plain hilarious.  Watch the video above to see some of the best responses.




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Photo/Source: buzzfeed

9 thoughts on “You told Jimmy Kimmel, what?

  1. Thanks for sharing this – I enjoyed the laughs.
    On a more quiet note, I just wanted to acknowledge that this may be a poignant Mother’s Day for you, the first without your mom. Sending you a warm hug and may your own kids light up your day. Blessings!


    1. Thank You, Eliza. It is a bittersweet weekend. I am blessed with memories of a close friendship and relationship with my mom. I will be writing a more reflective post tomorrow. Or later this week, in honor of my mom. Thank you for the kind words and thoughts.


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