Mama told me, there’ll be days like this….

Some days are just like that.

As a matter of fact, some weeks are like that.   Stressful.  And nightmarish.  Where you just want to say “forget it!!”…and sit and drink coffee all day.  Or Wine.  And scream at the person who is causing your blood pressure to rise.

In this case, it was an old blog service I used when I first started writing.  I will refrain from mentioning their #%$%#$ing name because they are evil.  (

After about one week of using their site when I first joined the blogosphere, I knew immediately that it was not going to work between us.  That union was anything but healthy.  I wanted a divorce!   So I jumped ship and made my way over to WordPress.


Ahhhhh.  WordPress.  They were like a breath of fresh air.  Reliable.  Professional.   And, most of all, they knew what they were doing.   They even had an amazing support network.  One that was actually available to me when I needed some help.  Afterall, I was new to this blogging bit and I had questions.  Lots of them.  Yes, switching to WordPress was joyous.  And smart.

I was sitting in my kitchen last week, lighthearted and happy, ready to log onto my blog to write about something witty that Clark had said or done,  and – BOOM –  Just like that, tragedy!

I was redirected to some foreign, evil-looking page that tells me my Margber domain is no longer available to me. Therefor, I had no access to my blog.  Huh????  What-the-%&$&$&%##*!!!!  What’s this nonsense??  That’s MY blog!  MY hard work went into it.  Someone was trying to take control.  It was like a mini-hijacking.  I was the captain of the ship and it was going down.


My heart started to race and I did what I do best in those type of situations.  In a slightly high-pitched, louder than normal tone, I yelled at Clark for it.  Then, I took a deep breath, or two, and started to deal with the entire mess.

I had left the incompetent after only one week of association with them, and they were still haunting me a year later.  I could not believe it.  Hadn’t I jumped the ship to avoid just this kind of disaster?  I thought I had done everything right.  I was diligent in following the rules and renewing fee’s.  But, one had slipped through the crack.

I had my WordPress upgrades set to auto-renew and was well aware that my renew date was approaching.  I had checked it a few weeks before the payment was due.  I decided to override the auto-renew and pay early because, well, that is just how I am. I worry.  I did not want anything to happen or come between myself and my uber awesome domain.   If it were to lapse, my readers would not know where to find me.  My email subscribers would be lost to me.

And, that is exactly what happened.pulling-hair-out-2

I was so focused on the WordPress end of it all, that I had neglected to even considered that the evil side of it needed attention as well.  After all, My domain originated over there (evil place) and because of that, I was linked to them.  Forever.  And ever.  Until death do us part.  OYYYYY.  My divorce to the miserable had never been official.  I was still at their mercy but didn’t even know it.  Ohhh, how disastrous!!!

So, after weeks of unsuccessfully trying to contact and get a reply from (the trail went cold) I finally turned to the accessible and willingly available support team at WordPress, With a special shout-out to auxclass (Woot woot!!) and after hours of guidance, the entire mess has finally been resolved.  Sort of.  It did not come without casualties.  While I have finally and completely cut all ties with the vile (they’re evil!!!) it came at a high price.  I had to temporarily give up my domain Margber.   (SOOO sad!!)  For the next few months, I will sit and wait and stress over its release.  And then I will grab it again!!  YaY!

Until then, I can be found at and I gladly and proudly accept the WordPress name snuggled right in the middle of my shiny new URL.  Temporarily.  Until I can once again regain control my original domain.

So what does all of this mumbo jumbo mean?  It simply means that if you are looking for moi, I can be found at the URL

It might also mean that you may possibly need to re-follow me by clicking the follow tab again. (it’s down there in the right hand corner.  Go ahead, click it!)

So sorry for the inconvenience, folks ~ Feeling a bit like a block head.  : )

At the time of press for this post, I had still not heard from the evil to help straighten the domain mess out from their end.  I had tried, unsuccessfully, for-everrrrrrrrr to contact someone from their (non-existent) support network.  It has now been 3 weeks and counting.  Im not going to hold my breath….



 MaMa was right.  There’ll be days like this…..


54 thoughts on “Mama told me, there’ll be days like this….

  1. What a nightmare! Always happens to the people who try and do everything right…. But here’s a question: can’t you transfer the domain renewal to another provider? I thought you could but am unsure how it works. I am facing a similar change and also want to avoid disaster.

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    1. Yes, Mel, you can. However, you have to be able to actually get in touch with your original registrar. I have tried endlessly to contact them in what limited means that make available. 3 weeks and counting. No replies. A nightmare is putting it mildly. : )


  2. I just left them too, One day I couldn’t do anything with my blog, couldn’t change it, sometimes I couldn’t post so I left and now I love it here, but it does take a little getting to know,lol

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  3. It might also mean that you may possibly need to re-follow me by clicking the follow tab again.

    No need to follow again, the subscriptions should be handled by the base blog and name independent.

    You are welcome for the help, sorry about the domain name

    Thanks also for the kind words

    Good luck

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    1. I already had everything set to “auto-renew” through WordPress. Now that I am not associated with in any way, there will be no need to give any attn to them regarding my blog in any way. So I’d say I’m pretty safe.


  4. still very new to blogging at all but I found WP and, especially after reading your post about the EVIL ONE, I am not moving! I hope it resolves quickly for you. What a nightmare!


  5. corywho

    I signed up and immediately left and went to wordpress. After joining and trying to write a post I could sense the evil. I couldn’t even submit the post..I just had to leave. I am happily with wordpress forever and ever.


  6. Bad domain host, bad domain host. 🙂

    Van Morrison, he’s been around for a long time. I remember him from when I was a freshman in college a gazillion (cough, forty, cough) years ago.


      1. I think so, too! I find the other platforms (i.e., Blogger) confusing. With WordPress, you have the option to either host your blog at or host it somewhere else using the WP platform.


  7. the Paris Bus Lady

    I was an IT geek(ette) in the previous century so I was motivated to poke at this problem. BTW, the first thing I did prior to writing blog posts was to register my domain name directly without using a “hosting” service. Bottom line is that I own my domain name; not some evil blog service (they are **all** potentially evil). I see two internic sources that show the domain registration expiring on February 16, 2014. So you *should* have been able to reclaim your domain name after that date. I just checked and the url doesn’t resolve yet to WordPress’s (fabulous!) site. Onward!


    1. OMGsh!!! Someone to FINALLY help me look into this and you do it on your own, without me asking. THANK YOU!!! I am not sure what any of that means (what you just said regarding “doesn’t resolve yet to WP”….but I “think” you mean I can not re-purchase my domain yet. I have checked everyday and when I try to get it, I am told it is not available. So….another dead end. Nobody is using it, but it is not available. Any help from you in trying to help me solve this would be much appreciated! And, Just for the record, I was NOT contacted by anyone to renew it, I thought I HAD renewed it through WP and I have yet to hear from regarding the matter. What a mess.


      1. the Paris Bus Lady

        It turns out I actually like geeky problems – go figure. So dear margaret, peggy, margo or hazey; we can dig s’more if you contact me using the form at and we won’t muddy up your blogsite with techie stuff. Onward?


  8. That absolutely sucks! I am new to all of this. I don’t even have a face book account. I am thrilled that I read this post. My daughter said she has a blog at Boy will I be letting her read this.


    1. From what I have learned, it seems most bloggers who use are extremely unhappy. She needs to go to the forums (if she can even access them) and read all the complaints. I am not the first that this has happened to. She would be better off following your lead and coming to WP. Good Luck!


  9. Oh wow! Nightmare. I originally registered my domain name with my ISP, and made sure that I had some control with (NZ Domian naming commission), and have been able to swap things around at will – fortunately!. Without this control, it can be hard. I hope it resolves itself soon! I’m enjoying your blog, too. As for Van, I have him as a playlist on my iPod – along with BB King, some Doobies, and about 5 others! Hope your Sunday goes well. 🙂


  10. I’ve been with WP for almost 10 years and have no complaints. Other platforms … pfffft. Left them in the dust …
    Thanks for popping by Paradise Preoccupied, WordPressSister …


    1. I’m still pursuing it. My domain is being held hostage! I’m good at the waiting game, tho. It’s of no use to anybody but me. Sooner or later they will realize that. I hope.


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