what were you doing one year ago today?


Happy Anniversary!!…. to me?  Yes, that’s right!  This upcoming week marks my one year anniversary of blogging at WordPress.  It’s my Blogaversary!

One year ago today I sat down in front of my beloved MacBook (I really need to give my Mac a name – any suggestions?) and I created my blog Twenty Thirteen.  It was my friend, Bonnie, who had suggested that I write.  She was always -and still is- encouraging me to do new things.  Things that I would never think to do.  Until prompted.  Or pushed.  Thank you, dear Bonnie!

I sat down in February of 2013 and stared blankly at the welcome page on the WordPress site.  It was foreign to me.  I took a quick tour around and was amazed at how other Blogger’s sites looked so organized and professional.  They were interesting and pulled you in.  I stumbled upon intimidating words like “Menu, Page & Links.”  And came upon odd terminology and functions like Tools & Webhooks  And Dear Lord, what was a widget??  I was definitely in over my head.  I knew that I had to get in touch with my inner geek!

And then, a month or so later, something extraordinary happened.  I found my rhythm.  I got into the groove of writing.  And with a little prodding and a few shameless plugs, I found my audience.  Ok, mostly my Hubs.  And my Mom & Aunts.  And my siblings.   But hey, I had an audience and that’s all the encouragement I needed.  I had not only gotten in touch with my inner geek, I had embraced it.  And I liked it!  And my family audience liked this new blogging side of me!


I found myself blogging day and night.  Learning all the tricks that other Bloggers before me had found.  I was really getting the hang of this tech-aged  phenomenon and I was sharpening up my skills!!


I started adding pictures to my posts.  And Videos & Links.  I was constantly thinking up new topics to write about.   I’d see Clark eating something in his lovable & abnormally noisy way that he tends to do and think AHA!  I’ll Blog about that!!  I’d be going about my normal activities in a day and a notion would pop into my head that I felt the need to blog about immediately.  It was all very thrilling!!  Exciting!!  And Exhausting.  But I found ways to recharge and go at it some more!!


Last week I celebrated my 10,000th visitor.  I could feel my chest puffing up as I looked down at the counter on my front page.  When it ticked past 10,000, I wondered to myself – how in the world am I ever going to get my big head through a doorway.  I could feel my ego being catapulted into orbit.  This must be how it felt to be The Bloggess.  (Every Blogger’s wanna-be)

What a great anniversary.  I Love blogging.  I love the audience I have been introduced to over the past year.  I also love all of the amazing blogs I follow on a weekly basis.  They are numerous.  I will never get tired of reading what other people have to say.  Or blog about.  Everyone has a little different spin on their idea of what blogging is.  There are so many platforms out there.  Each one special in its own right.  My wish for each and every one of them? To find the joy in their blogaversary, the way that I have.


36 thoughts on “what were you doing one year ago today?

  1. Well done! – and long may you continue to derive the same enjoyment. I do, too!
    I have been thinking on a deeply serious matter (not): how about –
    More like the other word?


      1. I do wish bloggers didn’t feel it necessary to say ‘thanks’: after all, we read each others’ blogs because we enjoy ’em, no? But I s’pose it’s “netiquette” …


        1. Hmmm, I don’t know M.R. I’m always really appreciative when someone stops by to read my blog and even more appreciative when they leave a comment. It would not sit good with me if I did not acknowledge it with a simple and sincere Thank You. Call me old fashioned?

          Thank You for your comment. 😉

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  2. arkansasrose

    I haven’t been a blogger long. I started Jan 1st of this year. I meant to find a private online diary and somehow stumbled on this site. It struck a cord in me because I realized I wanted to share my thoughts with others, regardless of how goofy they were, for the support and feedback I’d receive. I still haven’t figured out all the features, but I’m getting there. Happy Blogiversary!


  3. The Reading Girl

    Congrats! :). Mine was on January 12th of this year. I wrote about it. My blog is getting known too, lol. Keep up the great posts!


  4. Congrats – an exciting milestone. That initial learning curve is daunting, but like you said, all of a sudden you find your rhythm. Your numbers certainly are impressive. Keep on bloggin’!


  5. arkansasrose

    Oh! You asked for suggestions ono naming your Macbook – Name it after your favorite actor or actress. That way you can turn everyday computer descriptions into crude comments. 😀 … maybe that’s just something I would do.


  6. I started my blog few days ago and I can totaly recognize myself in your post. First the confusion, then a rush of creativity…everything is an inspiration now. It takes me minutes to write a poem, something I haven’t done for over 20 years. This is by far the best thing I’ve done for myself in ages. And I am so overwhelmed by the fact that so far 11 complete strangers from around the world decided to follow my blog. Just like you said, my head is way too big now. 😀

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  7. I’m here one year, as well. Still figuring it out as I go along. Had to take a long break though for the death of my mother and a few other friends and relatives, but happy to be back and catching up now. Thanks for visiting my blog!


    1. Then we have something in common as I have just lost my Mother a few weeks ago. It has been the most painful experience of my life. I hope to be able to keep blogging through my grief. It’s a difficult task but at the same time, very therapeutic.

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  8. LaRie

    Such a perfect read! I celebrated my 3 year blogaversary yesterday! Chickenly, I have not shared my blog with any of my friends or family (with 1 of my 4 siblings only).

    I love your blog!

    Thank you!


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