Happy Birthday Facebook!

social-media-likeThis week the country is celebrating Facebook’s 10th birthday.  In honor of this, everyone with an active Facebook account has been given a gift of their very own personal slideshow.  A Facebook movie!   It’s a composite look at your Facebook life, from the past 10 years, in 62 seconds.

What a brilliant marketing ploy!!  (not that they need it)  They’ve chosen the perfect instrumental music to accompany these award-winning clips.  Your heart will swell as you watch the short videos of your life from the past ten years flash before your eyes.  And they’ve created these for all 1.2 billion Facebook users worldwide.  Amazing!

That is, unless you are not an avid Facebook user.  Depending on how much time you have spent on FB and how much content you have posted and shared, you will either see the personalized video, a collection of photos or a simple thank-you card.  Wow, a card.  That’s kind of like winning the booby prize. Yikes!


Clark was a little miffed that he only got the photo composite rather than the video.  Oh, he spends just as much time on Facebook as I do, but he basically lurks rather than getting into the meat and potatoes of posting.  I think it’s a guy thing.

Myself?  I am well aware that I have spent wayyy too much time posting comments and sharing pictures.  But really, who hasn’t?  It’s the tech age, after all.  We get our news and up-to-date info sent directly to our electronic devices.  Or, immediately at the click of the mouse.  We can spend a few hours or so each day on Facebook and be caught up on what’s going on in the life of our friends.  Or, non-friends.

facebook-friendship-relationship-problems-friends-sympathy-ecards-someecardsSo, These uber awesome Facebook movies have provided us with just that kind of information.  I’ve had a ball spending the past few days looking at everyone’s clips.

Some of the movies that have flooded my news-feed…..

  • The Twenty-Something Friend – This person’s video is filled with shots at parties and large gatherings.  There are lots of selfies and they are constantly surrounded by a lot of other twenty-somethings.  They help me to remember how exhausting being twenty-something was.
  • The Thirty-Something Friend – These movies are filled with shots of young parents with growing families.  These 30-somethings have morphed from a group of selfie-obsessed friends into responsible young adults.  We see glimpses of their kids sporting events and family outings.  The friends in these vids look exhausted while the kiddos look as tho their energy never runs low.
  • The Forty-Something friend – They’re married, have had children and have purchased a home.  They’re in the midst of what is seemingly a successful career.  And we’ve witnessed it all through FB.
  • The Non-Friend – This person’s movie shows up on my news-feed and I have to wonder… who in the world is that?
  • The Acquaintance friend – I really never knew much about their personal life.  Until now.
  • The Adult-Friend – OK, these are the gold medal of videos. They cause me to choke up and get misty eyed.  They are filled with shots of family and friends and grand kids.  They tend to emphasize relationships and family.  Most have pics of loved ones who may no longer be with us.  I could watch these over and over again.  And cry each time.

Love it or not, these timeline look-back videos are here to stay.  They were created in the perfect Facebook time frame and set to the perfect instrumental music.  So sit back and enjoy.  I’ve had so much fun watching them the past few days.  I happen to fall into the MOM-Group.  We Moms were probably the first ones to call our kids after seeing our vids.  “It’s Great!!  I Love It!  You’ll love it, too!..” And our kids probably smiled and rolled their eyes and thought to themselves..  “Oh boyyy….” 

Congratulations Facebook on 10 accomplished years.  And here’s to information overload never slowing down!!




12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Facebook!

  1. I succumbed and made mine too. And you’re right, the music is so perfect for needing tissues nearby! And I enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would because it showed me growing a business, and pictures of my elderly mom & out of state family. If I find myself in need of crying and not being able to, I know where to go.


  2. arkansasrose

    I am on FB way too often myself. My family and friends call me obsessed. I prefer to think of it as ‘avid fan’. I love the new video, My mother got the photos and my aunt, who is a lurker not a poster, got a card.

    After all the hoop-la and groans recently about Facebook changes, I think they got it right with this one.


  3. Well, shoot, to quote you! Your little Facebook video got me all teary-eyed, and I don’t even know these people. But I feel like I do with the emotional reaction I just had. Maybe it was the swell of music or your husband’s arm around you surrounded by all your dearly beloveds or both, but I’m positively misty now. Thank you for the Hallmark moment! Now I need to go check out my Facebook movie and see if it has the same effect!


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