ohh noo, the polar vortex!!



I decided a few weeks ago not to jump on the Polar Vortex bandwagon.  Realllllly,  people, it’s old news.   So what! ~ we have a little winter outside our windows.  Lovely! whiteout

 If you’ve read my blog, then you know how much I adore winter!!  I’ve mentioned it in more than one post.  Lately, I’ve touched on the topic a lot, in fact.  HERE – I told you about what the winter weather (or Polar Vortex as it is more popularly referred to these days) has done to my family!  And HERE – I spoke of my love for doing indoor activities with my lovely daughter-in-law while the Polar Vortex is crippling our country.

I was thinking the other day about this new weather phenom….  It was all very exhausting…


The running in and out to start cars up so that the batteries don’t die.

dead battery

waking gingerly everywhere you go so you don’t slip on the icy sidewalks.


Watching Clark waging an ongoing battle with the blowing and drifting snow ~  trying to keep the driveway clear….


that obnoxious office co-worker who’s all  “Woot Woot!! ~ TGIF! …Giimmie a High Five!!”  to his co-workers!!

high_five Only to walk out to this at the end of the day..….

polar-vortexOhhhh Noooooo!!!!

 For better or worse, Polar Vortex now seems to be the buzzword for any bitterly cold winter air we get. (Didn’t we once just refer to it as ‘winter’??)  Now, Im not one to easily have a change of heart where my love for the changing seasons is concerned (winter included)…. but really,  I am soooo over all of this Polar Vortex nonsense.  I think, in fact,  I have had a change of heart.  This extreme weather has got to go!!


23 thoughts on “ohh noo, the polar vortex!!

  1. Some days I don’t mind this cold and even bundle up for a photo shoot of nature. It’s all about the clothes, right? But yesterday, I drove 2 hours to my sisters home just to drive another hour to Milwaukee to pick up another sister to shop for a dress I need for a winter wedding trip to Utah. I hit whiteouts and slippery highways. I had 3, NO NO NO moments as my car did a slight fishtail. There had to be 20 cars in the ditches on my journey south. Drove home last night, roads were perfect. Today I hunker in and hibernate!
    Love the photos in you post!


  2. xjoshedgex

    What a crack-up! Hahaha 🙂 I have never been to the snow, so it all seems weird to me! If you complain about the heat, then we would be on the same page! haha


  3. Loved your pictures! I overheard a conversation the other day about school never being closed when we were kids, no matter how below zero it got. That’s so true, I only remember 1 or 2 snow days ever. And now it’s called the polar vortex. A pretty nasty title! Thanks for your visit to my blog. I am laughing at the pictures of your husband keeping up with the snowblowing, as mine is doing the same thing.


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