It’s January in Chicago and Guess who’s getting SNOW!!  That’s right, people, it’s snowing!  Not just a little flake here and there.  It’s coming down in buckets.  Loads of it.  Really… it’s like a blizzard.

Hubs likes a nice, clean, snow free driveway.  Here he is battling the snow.  I think he is making progress!


He worked for hours on that bugger.  It’s Sunday.  And beside the fact that he is determined to keep his driveway flake-free  – he is headstrong to make it to church.

Here he is  making his way through the frozen tundra.  “Onward Christian Soldiersssssss!!!”


Oopsieee….. The lovely winter-esque conditions proved to be too much for him.   Back in 5 minutes….


My sweet son,  BruceRobt, is working the Customer Service desk at O’Hare International Airport today!!  There are a lot of disgruntled, stranded passengers there.  In fact, they’ve been there for days trying to make their way to their destinations.  The airport is basically shutdown.  He has been tossed into the Lion’s Den.  Calm Down People!!

Snow And Ice Continue To Cause Travel Chaos Throughout The UK

 What’s so lovely about the sun and warmth when you can be experiencing a lovely winter!!


Brian, my youngest son – Also very sweet, with a lot of independence and adventure running through his blood – has been trying for days to get to back to school.  He is studying in California this term. It’s been very exciting around here the last couple of days!!  Flights booked, flights cancelled.  Packing and unpacking.  And then repacking, again.   Brian’s Bro, BruceRobt – (the one fighting off the angry, irate customers at O’Hare)…phoned and told Brian to pack a carry-on only.  There will be no guarantees that luggage will get to their final destinations. Not with these wicked conditions controlling our every move!!  Ok!  I think we have this covered.  We just need to fit all of this….


into a small-ish bag.  On it!


All in all… I think it is going to be a lovely wintery week!

Oh, I know, on the outside I am cool as a cucumber.  Patient and serene and grateful for The Beauty that IS WINTER.  But inside, I feel a bit like this…


65 thoughts on “SNOW!!

  1. Anonymous

    Love this look into your life today. I always loved the blizzards. Just think….you could need a lot more toilet paper, milk and bread if your Texas family were in town!!!!!


  2. Ha! I am north of you and it’s not snowing here, just cold. I hope the snow lets up to give your hubs a break. That last pic made me laugh. That’s how it was around here yesterday, preparing for Coldpocalypse. Lines at the gas station and grocery store…


  3. Momma

    Light a fire and enjoy the rest of the day. I was stupid enough to go grocery yesterday for 8 items I was out of. Never thought about people stocking up for the storm. Overflowing baskets (they must think it’s going to last till spring). I waited 45 minutes to check out my 9 items,I added one more after I got there so I could make it worth while (wine)!


  4. Bobby

    Where in California is Brian going? Enjoy your blizzard… We’re struggling ourselves out here in the desert … Sunny, 68 degrees, wind chill of 68. Rats, have to go out and harvest some tomatoes from our garden.


    1. Sounds rough! : ) Brian is headed to San Fran for winter term. He has been trying to get out of Chicago for 2 days. Still sitting on the tarmac at OHare as we speak. 😦


  5. lucy

    G… love your blogs, love the snow, as long as I’m not driving, went to the club today and walked 3 miles… drank a few martini’s after…oh how I love the snow


  6. We are having a winter from the old days with the cold and the snow. I love your photos and your post…I don’t mind the snow either but if I have to drive or know my kids are on the road…not so much then.


  7. That panicked woman picture is how we react in Cincinnati when there’s as much as a prediction of a snowflake. You Chicagoans are much better prepared, though this latest stretch of Arctic air and snow surely tested your limits.

    Hope both sons are faring better now.


  8. Hi, I love the words and the pictures, very descriptive, I don’t envy your son facing irate airline passengers. From the reports we have seen in the UK you seem to have very exteme conditions but must be very beautiful. We have had continuous rain here so I don’t know who’s getting the worst deal. Now following and will return. Ian.


  9. This is so funny. I am a born and raised Chicagoan, but living in Texas the past 10 years. I’m visiting my two sons and mother now. I arrived on Jan. 4th and hit the open window of good travel weather. Then it snowed for two days, and no one went anywhere. Well, my sons did get to work downtown, but I was in Elgin with Mom. We sat… We’re too old for snow and nonsense.

    This Sunday is a lot nicer. I’m at my son’s this weekend and I was able to walk right across the street to St. Helen’s for Church. No fuss, no driving. Stay warm, stay safe…it’s a long winter in Chicago.


    1. I have a sister who has also relocated to Texas. We were both born and raised in the Midwest. It’s funny how when you move away, you are so happy to be rid of the white stuff, but when you live here you find a way to live with it and enjoy it. 🙂 Last weekend was extreme!!

      I did not have to go into work so I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is melting now and I am sad to see it disappear. I can only keep my fingers crossed for another big haul!! : )


  10. Chicago! I love Chicago! I was lucky enough to be in Kansas City last year and it snowed a lot, so we took the train to Chicago… nice change from flying all the time, it slows you down to look around….


  11. We haven’t had any snow at all yet this winter – but we are underwater! 😦

    The people who sit moaning at your son at O’Hare Airport need to remember that, if their flight ain’t going anywhere, it’s for their own sake!


  12. Love it! broke me up, oh all snow — we’re lucky here in Toronto, we rarely get full-on snow blizzards. I can only sympathize with your son trying to placate people at O’Hare (as if the storm is his fault, poor lad). Thanks for the like on my own latest post; let’s all keep enjoying winter


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    1. newsandviewsjb

      For some reason my original comment was listed as from anonymous so I’m reposting – Thank you for the like of ‘New England Back in the Deep Freeze’ & I enjoyed reading your post SNOW! from – newsandviewjb


  15. How nicely written ! You absolutely created the mood.To be honest,I envy you your snow as most of the time we have the sun up and plenty of sunshine.
    Have a wonderful day (in your warm,toasty home )


  16. Enjoyed your candid exposition on snow. So far we have had a very snowy winter. How do I know this. Well the management of the building in which I live allowed me to buy a shovel and then help clean up the front door sidewalk area, spread sand on the walkway and oh yes when needed do a bit of snow removal from around my parked car. Last winter our professional snow removal team was swamped and the parking lot was a disaster. So I bought a shovel and made this my winter project. I enjoy winter but am grateful for those non snowy days. 🙂


  17. firecook

    Make a snowman , have a snowball fight, have snow ice cream, fun in snow, I miss it:) I hope the airports gets better or the people get to their places. Good luck to your sons. Thank you for liking a post:) Take care.


      1. firecook

        That’s all that you can do I hope it gets warm for you guys;) I never see snow where I live.. Hot cocoa sounds nice for that type of weather;)


  18. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. I live in sunny North Cyprus and when I read your blog, I was very happy it’s nice and warm with blue skies outside – I don’t care if I never see snow again! Good luck with the weather.


    1. I must admit that I’d miss the snow terribly if I lived somewhere that we were denied experiencing the beautiful, cold, white stuff. 🙂 Thanks for stopping and reading!!


  19. I am just reading this and thinking you need to add a follow up. Something about how sick we are of the snow in Chicago, living through our third “polar vortex” and expecting another snowstorm this weekend! Could someone tell Mother Nature it’s almost March!


  20. And this is why I now live in AZ instead of Idaho. Burrrrr…. I’ve been trapped in an airport too and do feel sorry for your son having to deal with irate passengers or temporary non-passengers. He’s lucky my Hubs in not there in his line. 🙂 Mine can be quite a bugger at times. 😀


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