k1000-thumbnailI’ve had such good intentions of sitting down this past week to write some new posts.  I’ve had a summer filled with adventures!  Lots of new things to tell and share.  As always, Clark has provided me with endless amounts of material.  (Love that man!  Thanks, Clark!!)

I wrote a brief quip about my travels being over and kids back at school.  I told all of you how I finally had free time to compose some fab stories!! I sat down and started to write.  Then, quickly got sidetracked looking at my vacation photo’s.

If you’ll remember, I told you in one of my first posts about my love of photography.  If you did not read that post, I also mentioned it in my bio on my “about” page.  If you didn’t catch it there, either ~ well, I’m telling you now.  I LOVE photography.  I mean, like….LOOOOVEEE!!


As I clicked through the images and shots I had taken all summer, I started to think to myself what an utter shame it was that most of my photo’s were only displayed on sofa side tables, stuck in corners or hanging on wall arrangements.  (Altho, I do like to think that my gallery wall is museum quality, but don’t we all?)

I forgot about the new post I was suppose to be writing.  I started to look around for venues and formats to showcase my photo’s.  Then it hit me. WordPress!  How brilliant!  Why had I not thought of this before?  I could start a photo blog.  It could be a companion blog to Twenty Thirteen.  Yes!  Oh, I know every Tom, Dick and Harry think that they are the next Ansel Adams.  My judgement was not clouded, tho.  I knew I’d never be the next Annie Leibovitz.  Still, this blog thing takes a hold of you and quickly becomes an obsession.

So, what was supposed to be my time for writing new posts for Twenty Thirteen quickly turned into time spent starting my new and totally fabulous photo journal!!  Go take a peek!  All you have to do is click the camera image I have posted on the side of my home page.  Subscribe if you’d like!

Now that I have it all set up, I can concentrate of posts over here.   New posts coming soon!!

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