do you want to walk today?

pathBlogging is so 1999 and yet here I am getting in on the fad 14 years into it.

My good friend Bonnie thinks I should write. She’s always encouraging me to do new and exciting things. We take long walks together. Actually, we used to take long walks together before both of us were sidetracked with health issues. But I will save THAT for a different day. During our long walks we usually talk about things like our kids or our husbands or our common friends. Sometimes we dig deep and talk about the world and discuss how we can make a difference. It usually involves some kind of fantastic book that we’d write to leave our mark or some kind of mission work like building wells in Africa. I don’t know why we always fall back on the Wells in Africa thing when we both know that Bonnie would never agree to get all the shots needed to travel to a third world country and I would never agree to travel anywhere that does not have 5 star hotels.

We promise one another that what is discussed on our walks, stay on our walks. We swear each other to secrecy, occasionally allowing a particular interesting factoid to be shared with our hubby’s. Our hubby’s should be honored that they are the exception to the secrecy rule. When I know that I have the green light to blab to Bruce, suddenly I don’t want to. What fun is there in being ALLOWED to gossip? So I usually get home, Bruce asks me what we talked about and I say, “oh, not much.” He rolls his eyes and then wonders how the heck we can walk for an hour or two and not discuss anything worth repeating. Every now and then I will toss him a morsel of news. He never really thinks it’s as interesting as Bonnie and I found it.

If we were to take a walk today, we’d probably talk about Valentine’s Day and what our plans were. After dissecting every way possible of how to spend it in a fun way, we’d both eventually confess to wanting to stay home and get in our pj’s early and finding a good show on tv to watch. To validate not going out, we would discuss, and agree, that we’ve both had our fair share of overpriced roses and that we do not want the added calories of chocolates. We are both in the middle of a love affair with dieting.

Bonnie would eventually get around to saying how blessed we are to be able to take walks together while pointing out all of God’s beauty in the nature around us. I would eventually get around to telling her I was tired or had a cramp in my toe or something awful like that. Our friendship works well because she is glass half full and I am glass half empty. We balance each other out. We tend to see the world through similar eyes and we both know how blessed we are to have the friendship that we do. Even tho I tend to prefer perfect weather conditions before agreeing to walk, I would not trade the hours and hours she and I have spent together on our journeys, discussing life and living it.

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