2011-03-19-09-21-536-234x290i’m margaret. or peggy. or margo or maggie or hazey. confused? you should be. it’s friendly teasing and terms of endearment. mostly from my hubby and kids. often from my friends. i’m never certain how i will be addressed but i am certain of this: i am a wife, mother, friend, sister, blogger, photographer at heart. i adore cooking and travel, good food and music. long drawn out family dinners. and entertaining.

hubby was my college sweetheart. small town girl falls for big city boy. very clichè. it was intense and we married and moved to the big city. we spent the first two years exploring the city. then we had babies……

my blog is the place where i come to vent about all the things i love — most importantly, my hubby, kids and friends, + my unhealthy obsession with instagram and photography + our travels. please remember: you are here by your own free will, so please be kind. what goes around, comes around…keep the circle positive & loving. {i believe in karma!} i cherish connecting with my readers. so please leave a comment, it will truly make my day!



that’s clark.  or hubs or hubby or bruce.   and the subject of many a post.  he provides me with never ending blog material.  he loves to travel and has been known to give a tour or two.  he’s filled with knowledge and facts and is one of the smartest men I know. like his sons, he loves his hometown chicago sports teams.  most especially his beloved sox and hawks.  but nothing holds a candle to his true passion in life.  golf.  he loves the game.  and he’s good at it.  and is happiest when chasing that little white ball around the golf course.

during the long winter months you’ll find him on the weekends behind an apron.   cooking fun meals.  with a nice glass of wine in hand.  and jazz or blues streaming throughout the house.  he has an impressive wine collection and loves good cigars.  he’s the glue that holds the family together.  he has a heart as big as the ocean and would give you the shirt off his back.  he’s selfless and giving.  and fun!  like everyone who knows him, I love and adore this man.  he’s been my bff for 30 years and counting.  and i plan to hang around him for 30+ more years.



bruce robt ~ my first born son.  a fighter and survivor ~ born 3 months premature.  he’s witty & sweet & has a huge heart.  loves travel & technology.  and planes.  and anything to do with flying.  he’ll drop everything and take off for some exotic place at the drop of a hat ~ and he has.   he is happiest when he is off on an adventure.  a happy newlywed ~ married to lauren.  he is a  joy to be around.  one word description ~ kindhearted

lauren ~ the kind of daughter-in-law every parent dreams of.  she is compassionate & selfless.  she is strong & determined.  a hard worker & an amazing nurse.  soon to be a nurse practitioner. married to our first born.  boston born and raised.  a die hard red sox & patriots fan.  you can find her flying back and forth to boston when her schedule permits.  one word description ~ selfless

scottie ~ my middle son.   loves music & dancing & his friends.  a true sports enthusiast.  loves his hometown teams ~ sox, bulls, hawks, bears.  would gladly give it all up to spend each day attending any kind of sports event.  he’s happiest when surrounded by his peers.  or in any social setting.  not afraid to cut up the rug at weddings or parties. lovable & compassionate & loyal.  he’s a peacemaker & non confrontational.  one word description ~ diplomatic.

brian ~ my youngest son.  a natural-born leader.  he’s independent & street smart.   he loves the social scene & music.  loves his fraternity brothers & college. faces life head on.  not much holds him back.  he’s political and loves a good debate.  he’s stubborn and determined.  and smart.   you’ll find him with a permanent smile on his face ~ and usually up to something.  and he’s funny.  he’s happiest when in charge of running the show.  and he’s good at it.  he’s going places.  one word description ~ knowledgeable.

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  1. Love your photos! the composition and angles give them such depth! Looking forward to following you. Thanks for dropping in to my photo challenge and the much appreciated like!


  2. Hi Margaret, thank you for opening and reading my blog post. I just have perused your pages. We share interests. In addition to your writings about life, I enjoyed your photographs. I’ve been in Chicago many times; first in 1953 on my way to Navy Bootcamp and probably 20 times since them. Your photographs of and around the “L” brought me fond memories. I’m following you now. Thank you, Charles


  3. O.K. So Brian is the typical youngest child eh? Enjoyed reading this “feel good” description of your family, it truly made me “feel good”. You and Clark have done a good job. Happy the rest of your life!


  4. Whoops forgot to say, Brian sounds like our youngest daughter. She said she was going to be a Lyer (Lawyer) when she grew up. She is in her late twenties now with 4 kids, three under 2 happily ensconced in marriage. She told us the other day that she is still going to be a lawyer someday. She has her bachelors and did very well in college so she just might.


  5. thepighasacurlytail

    Neat website. More like web “insight.”
    Really enjoy your sense of humor.
    That “When Life Gives You Lemons” chalkboard is a riot. Both thumbs up.
    Kinda like when I had a “Dumb Sign On Board” hanging on my rear windshield.


  6. You seem to have a wonderful family. I can tell they are very important to you. ” Family is the Center of LIfe’s Meaning”. I Love my family as well. I think the best part is getting to see the results of the 30 years of hard work we put into raising and molding our familes. We have truely been blessed, you and I. Enjoy all of your blessings! Thank you for sharing them with me.


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